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Your mom was a glowing basket of sexy sexy sex. Big ass she had but wouldn’t give it up to none. It made you green with vomit-wanting.

“Here ma, drink up,” you said.

“Glug glug glug. Delicious orange drink. What’s this at the bottom. A smarty maybe? I will eat it.”

She ate the drug and you jumped for joy and hung on the ceiling fan kicking the air.

“Why so happy, son,” your mom asked nosily. “Did you win American Idol again?”

“No, mom. I give you drug. That smarty you ate was drug and bully-bully is coming to claim your ass like predicted by sage from the coast. He give me sacred word your butt would get fuck on this day.”

“Woe is me! Must run. Yes. Must run, indeed.”

She got up off chair and run, her big ass holding her back. You swung on the fan in circle to gain super-speed, then let go and slingshot and hit her ass. Big target and all, hard to miss.

She fell to floor and you sat on her back.

“No, son. Why? Why you want mommy violate.”

“I don’t want violate. I want reborn. Like phoenix from ashes. Your biggey bum give me warmth in the dark of howling wolfs and witches. I want to give wolfs a taste. Witchcraft in your glass I gave you. Witch were persecute in Frenchland but not me. The devil has a big boner for you and give me da good drug. The devil is metaphor for blue velvet drug outbreak in this here community of ours both.”

“Oh son, I’m sleepy. Stop slapping mommy’s bare ass. I can’t take the pain and the humiliation.”

“You won’t have to, mum” you said as you slapped her naked bum, “you will be out like light, or like hope of me to touch pussy with my dick. Sweet dreams pawgilicious.”

You behold ass. It was like world itself. But simpler cause no people on it fight and dropping bomb. Just all one color and no seas to drown in, only butt crack. You were like god look on your creation. And it was good!”

You played sweet song of peace on mom’s bum like bongos. “Bong-a bong-a. Love everlasting. Bong-a bong-a, hope he’ll be here soon.”

Doorbell ring, harmonize with bongo song. Happy chance of nature on man decision fun. “I will answer call of fate.”

You looked up in sky roof, stoic as day you were born.

“I will also answer door too.”

You push on mom’s ass to get you up. Like spring you bounce up and sound goes “whhhoooooooopppp”

You turn round and touch door and spray sweat on it. You open.

He stand there handsome and total naked. His dick big and hard. He looks down and rips your pants off in one fell-pull. “See” he says, arrogant, “your cock is harder than mine. I fuck a bitch like you-mommy 3 per hour. She just a new ass on the heap of my fuckdays.”

You like someone talk about your dick. First time ever. Last time ever.

You motion in “Welcome to my mom’s private land. I will say same thing again when you go in her pussy. Ever since primordial slime, our ancestors in goop wait for this, though they have no dick or mind, just impulse of god electric. You must wait upon seas of swine who sing back ‘no mom ass fuck it be decided by chiefs.’ But dare dream where chief not step none what’sforth. I but a rope of cum up on a fan swung to and fr-” You notice he not at door.  “Hey! where go?!”

You spin round, baby right round and see him mounting mom like naked shirpa with big dick. Not bothered by cold cause got big mom ass to keep warm. Roast marhsmellows on and tell ghost stories round. You like one about sleep-walking mom ghost.

Nobody wear pants in whole house. Not even Parakeet Stevie. “Arrrgghh. Fuck my mom!” he yell. He learn that from you when you home alone. He say it all time, almost blow your cover sky high like powerful wind from east running from frowning sun. “Arrgghh. If I drug mom I watch her fuck by bully i hate who piss on backpack and call me first most unsexiest thing come from mom sexy butt after shit.” You blush at parrot repeat your word. That was quote give to you in yearbook.

Your mom ass live to see its purpose. It live to see judgement day or zero hour or such. If your mom ass die today, and she be normal-ass woman tomorrow, you be happy her ass be done as ass should be: dirty.

The drug you give make mom stop but don’t make her stop think. She awake but can’t move. “Oh no!” she say internal. “Me bum is hanged out to dry.” It was cold in air, prickly with goosebumps. Den fleshy dick touch it sideways and he starts humping her but sideways. “Oh boy!” She say internal, “This will be long day. Like wise parakeet always say ‘arrrgghhh, You gonna pay P.A.W.G. tax bitch. That Phat Ass White Girl you don’t know. Your orange drink like game of minesweeper now on. I’ll stick drug in April first twenty-nineteen. Fear it like ides of march.’ Such wise bird. How it see future? Only god know.

Mom be lift by bully strong arms and she see your dick and she shock at how hard is. “Wow, he must really be horny much. I never know he want so bad,” and she felt mega guilt at it. She was a bad mom and only know so now.

But you always know. “Be extra rough with. Show who’s boss. Humiliate and devalue. I drug for reason. Total destroy mom dignity.”

Your mom hear and see you tug giant hard cock. She never know what hero her son. “Wow,” she say, “My son is proud specimen. Always love him, but never know how cool and hero he is. I will be ravage now by bully who make him eat underwear.  He see me ravage this way first so he can see me ravage by time and be happy with it. What that!? No!”

Dick go in. Mom scream internal.

You play with dick. Bully pelvis cover mom ass like eclipse sun, the living room dark as your heart. Your mom looks back at you, impress, “he jerk off with good form. Like god.”

Parakeet say “Arrgghh. Man cannot live on bread alone.” He happy to see her like because mad he never get eat bird seed from butt crack. All god creatures agree with moment. Birds outside watch through window, 20 on tree, all of them mad at mom for closing blinds when change.

You son watch over wiggling toes lay back on couch as mom made whole by dicky-dick-dick. You say “mom, da feet not just on legs to walk. Defeat also what you do now. I biggest loser now, but cum, not pounds like show.”

Your mom look back in awe. “My son is chosen one.”

The parakeet say “arrrgghhh! Who write this shit?

bluvelvet99 lay on bed, jerking cock, writing his creation with left hand. His mom hum outside in living room. He try not cum.  “Damn, this story real good.”

Robber swing in through window and catch screaming mom on kitchen floor. Rips lulu lemon off and throw out window. Pounds mom fat ass as she screams. bluvelvet99 don’t hear with earphones in as writes, listen to Himalayan folk music. “Damn, story gets me hard. Wish happen to mom in real. I never write story better than this one. Retirement now. I’ll never write more story again.”

Screaming mom outside gets lift up and turn around and robber busts nut on her face. He then smiles as she screams and suddenly go “April Fools!”

Your mom go “oh” face and smiles good nature. “Ha ha good joke!”

bluvelvet99 still jerking off powerful on bed. “Yes. Last story ever come from these finger.”

He looks at the reader. Then smiles to himself and snickers like inside joke hiding in ass. He looks up at the reader.


He shoot assure smile of happy.

He cum in own face.

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