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Anatomy of a Mom

A year ago, I wrote a post about the nature of houses, and the part they play in my stories. The name of that post was Anatomy of the House, a name which implicitly compared the various rooms in a house to the various pieces of the human body.

This was interesting, as human anatomy also plays a very clear and important role in my stories, arguably being the most central aspect, as my stories are not only about celebrating the magic of the female form, but also about celebrating its use.

Given that my stories are about allowing female bodies, in spite of the wishes of the women who own them, to rise to their full potential, I thought maybe it was worth exploring all the various pieces of those bodies which contribute to that potential.

The body parts – of all the characters, but especially the mom – are important for accomplishing three separate but interrelated tasks with my stories: that of storytelling, that of theme, and that of motif.

Body parts are used in storytelling to express information to the reader which allows the story to progress or be comprehensible and engaging. Examples of this can range anywhere from highlighting the attractiveness of the mom’s ass through descriptions, thus establishing the motivations of characters who are reacting to said ass, or to using descriptions of the mom’s eyes to highlight for the reader what it is she’s paying attention to at any moment.

In terms of theme, each body part comes pre-packaged with symbolism which can be used to implant stories with meaning. Some of this symbolism is universal, like using the eyes to represent the soul, hands to represent work, or ass and legs to represent desire and eroticism; but other examples of symbolism as it pertains to the body are unique to my stories.

Motif in many ways is the least important of the three, and where it isn’t, it’s often because it overlaps with theme or storytelling, even still, motifs are important to establishing the style of my blog and to fill it with familiar elements which make my stories their own. Not everything in a story needs to be deep or useful. Like Sigmund Freud said: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Likewise, sometimes and ass is just an ass.

Like the rooms in a house come together to make a house, rooms in my stories come together to create the structure of the story. The moms’ bodies work exactly the same way. Every mom, in every one of my stories, has eyes, as an obvious example. But not all stories include references to those eyes. The body parts in my stories are always including for one of the three reasons I listed above. This is why having a general understanding of just how it is I use the female body, and how that might overlap with how others use it, in erotica or storytelling more generally, is so important, even if this understanding is only implicit. If anyone out there is looking to get into mom/bully story-writing, is looking to improve what they’re already doing, or is looking to understand what it is they’ve been doing, then hopefully this post works as a resource for them, even if only a little bit. And if not that, then at least I hope it was fun to read. Let’s get onto the parts of mommy. Let’s start with the face and work ourselves down, bit by bit. Let’s get to it:

Hair: This is a very basic one. Hair does a lot with very little. It’s often under-utilized in my stories as far as the actual text goes, but the fact that I use images and gifs, and the hair of the mom is pretty apparent there, has a much bigger effect than many might realize. First of all, there’s the difference in hair color, and how it leads to a difference in perception of the moms, so much so that even I as a writer I’m often influenced to write my own mom characters a certain way without even realizing it. Generally, and you’ll notice this if you look at my stories, hair colors can be split into four, with two of them having strong overlap with each other in terms of what they accomplish. The first of the four is blonde. Blonde moms are often open, innocent, gregarious, and joyful. The second is black-haired moms, who tend to be more mysterious, driven, moody, and with something on their mind. Red-haired moms are more inclined to be unique, odd, or at the center of attention. And brunette moms overlap with their black-haired counterparts, though toned down a bit in those qualities. One near-universal of my brunette moms is their perceived and real competence, as well as their down-to-earth and practical way of going about things. After hair color, the next most important aspect of hair is the way that it’s worn. Hair which is disheveled implies a loss of control or competence. Hair which is tied up or back implies professionalism and control. Hair which is loose and lowing implies freedom and a free spirit. And hair that is in the eyes evokes a sense of depth or mystery in the moms.

Forehead: Rather limited in its uses for me, though two come to mind. Lines in the forehead mean stress for the mom. And a hand to the forehead means deep thought or worry.

Eyes- The eyes serve two very important functions. One is to display the mom’s emotional state in any given scene. Eyes are the windows into the mom’s inner joy, serenity, or turmoil. This is also effective as drugged moms tend to have shut or drowsy eyes, which would imply a shutting down, or negating, of the mom’s inner-world. Given that removing the mom as an obstacle to the fate of her own body is such a common theme in my stories, this becomes indispensable, as it serves as a perfect contrast to the inner-state emoted through the eyes in earlier moments of the story. This leads to the second use of eyes: to establish connections between the mom and other characters. So when the mom looks to her son with clever or knowing eyes, to her husband with longing, to her sister with worry, or to a strange man with terror, this establishes, better than anything else (or at least in the most simplest way possible) what it is her relation is to the other characters. Again, when her eyes are shut or hazy, this evokes the sense that her emotional dispositions towards all others, including to the men who are fucking her or the son who is watching and enjoying, are no longer meaningful.

Ears: The ears are rarely ever referenced. Though in the cases where they are, its in moments where a character is whispering something into the mom’s ear. Often that which is whispered is that which is intent on being heard, or that which has a very specific or direct motivation. Also, that which is meant for her. Whispers in my stories are either affectionate or portents of doom. It’s the privacy that the mom has with the whisper which gives it an intimacy and closeness. And intimacy and closeness always mean something in an action. So these moments are key, whether they mean something positive or negative for the mom character herself.

Nose: The nose, on a very basic level, symbolizes dignity. When the nose is free or upturned, it represents the mom maintaining her dignity, but when the nose is pressed against male pubes, or plunged deep within the cheeks of a male ass, it represents that dignity being taken away.

Mouth (lips and mouth shape): The mouth is obviously used for speaking. Anatomically, the connection is plain as day. But in stories, what matters isn’t the anatomy itself, it’s the context where the anatomy is referenced. In my stories the mom’s mouth is used for subtle emotional cues, those which represent her inner state, whether or not she would like it to be shared. The most obvious example of this is when the mom smiles. The smile indicates that she’s cheery regarding the world around her, not suspecting the fate that’s coming to her, in fact, not even being aware that it’s possible. The mouth can also be used to represent shock, fear, or sadness. The one exception to this is anger, which is usually shown through the eyes, likely because anger in the mom is an empowering trait, bringing her away from calamity (though calamity always finds a way). The emotions expressed on the mouth are emotions that express the nature of that calamity and to get the audience ready for its approach. This is true whether or not the mom herself knows it’s coming. Often times though, many elements in a story, including the weather, are what they are to symbolize something other than themselves. The mom’s mouth, and the emotions it represents, is no different in this regard.

Mouth (inside the mouth): The inside of the mouth is similar to other internal parts of your mom in that it symbolizing victory for the bully in way of infiltration. But the mouth has an extra aspect in that it not only can feel the incoming cock but can also taste it. This adds and extra layer of violation, making the mouth an indispensable part for accentuating the mom’s defeat.

Cheeks: The cheeks of the mom’s face don’t do much other than two very basic things. The first is that they blush to express embarrassment. The second is that they foreshadow the mom’s ass cheeks. Being made of the same flesh and skin color that makes up the cheeks in her pants, they’re perfect for accomplishing this. On top of this, the very basic fact of the shared name between them makes it so that when one is mentioned, the other is inevitably thought about by the reader. So when you’re reading a bluvelvet story and there’s a part where the dad squeezing the mom on her facial cheek as she smiles or groans, you just know it's going to have a parallel and contrasting moment where the bully does the same to her ass cheek as she lays there with her eyes clamped shut and her mouth hanging open.

Chin: The chin is similar to the nose in that it’s a dignifying part. Though it is used much more often than the nose. This is probably just because of where it situates itself on the face. It’s close to the mouth and is the lowest part of the head. On top of that it’s the part of the body that allows a turning of the head by an outside party the easiest. When a bully uses the mom’s chin to reposition her head, it’s symbolizing the control he has over her dignity through controlling the fate of her face. The most extreme moment showing this is when the ball’s of the bully slap against the mom’s chin as he fucks her in her mouth.

Neck: The neck represents openness and elegance. It also represents the irreversibility of the drugs entering the mom’s body, as this is often shown as the liquid carrying the pills goes down her throat, as the pathway is vertical, and therefore whatever goes down isn’t coming back up again.

Shoulders: The shoulders are barely used, but when they are, the slenderness of them is a way to express the daintiness of femininity.

Arms: The arms are the same. Occasionally they’re used to symbolize closeness through embrace, but even then, the warmth of the mom’s torso during a hug is used more often for this purpose.

Elbows: The elbows, believe it or not, are probably the most important part of… no, I’m just messing around. Just like in real life, the elbows are useless. At best they might symbolize the mom being in a secure position as she rests them on something. But that has less to do with the elbow and more to do with the palm resting on her face, implying the kind of boredom or judging demeanor that only one who feels secure in the moment is capable of.

Hands: The hands, more than other part of the mom’s body, are about utility and control. Her hands are what she uses to manipulate the environment. Hands are most likely to come up in my coming-of-age stories, where the son is only a child, often in moments where the mom holds the son in her hands, or cleans his face with them. This reminds the reader of her job in protecting him, and her ability to do so under normal circumstances. Once the mom is knocked out, her hands can’t be used to do these normal motherly things, leaving the son to exist in a moment of time without them, not guiding him any longer, leaving him to feel the way he feels about the situation without her to influence him in a way that’s preferable to her. Remember in A Bang and a Whimper when the mom’s hands fall out of the brother’s as the police officer his fucking her on the desk? That’s the freedom for the brother to feel whatever comes to him being birthed into life. In other words, losing the hand of the mother is liberation and the first moment the son gets to go his own way.

Breasts: Considering that many people feel these rival with ass, it’s surprising how little of a part these play in my stories. But for the most part, this is because I’m much more of an ass man, many times over. With that being said though, tits, when used, are almost always to symbolize motherliness itself. Tits also represent nourishment, so large ones then are figures of bounteousness. Mothers with large breasts have an extra dimension to them that a large ass doesn’t contain. This is likely because a large ass symbolizes the mom’s status as a sex symbol, but large breasts both remind the reader of sex as well as food, making the mom not just an object for sex, but also a sort of cow. The two large-breasted models I tend to use most are Ava Addams and Sophie Dee, and in both cases, you get the sense that there’s something they should be giving to the son, as if the breast milk they used to provide has to be replaced by something equally delicious. If you want to know how deeply rooted this idea of a mother’s breasts being linked to nourishment and healthy life are, google “fertility goddess statue” and see what some of our earliest ancestors thought about it. Large-breasted mothers in my stories are effectively givers who are about to give just a little bit more before the story is over, to their son, to his bully, and to the world.

Stomach: The stomach is just a place for making the mom feel pain. This is especially effective because it’s pain without leaving a mark, making the moment all about the pain itself, and not the damage done by pain. Arms clasped around the mom’s stomach symbolize the mom being trapped within the grip of someone else’s will. The stomach is also associated with childbirth in our culture for obvious reasons, yet my stories rarely touch on this as I feel like it’s more effective to focus on the son’s visual similarities with his mother to evoke their biological attachment better.

Waist: The waist represents femininity through its thinness. It’s also a place for control, as he who holds the waist, holds the mom’s fate closest.

Hips: Hips also represent femininity, but through how wide they are. It also represents control, but whereas the waist, being soft and sensitive, evokes emotional control as well as physical, the hips, being harder but more curvy, trade in emotional control for sexual control.

Ass (Cheeks): This is what you all were waiting for, wasn’t it? The ass is the most obvious of everything. It represents sex, sexual pleasure, sexuality, women, goods, treasure, property, fun, status, motion, proportion, memory, space, time, desire, punishment, reward, disgust, shame, happiness, pride, etc, etc, etc. We can go on. The ass is the skeleton key for understanding all that the worldview of my stories views as positive. Life in the presence of ass is glorious, being everything that makes it worth living, and a life deprived of ass is a life without joy or merit. There will come a time when I’ll write a post strictly about ass, and how it’s used, and the various themes it evokes (there are hundreds) in some of the stories that use it best, but until then, everything I write in this single paragraph will fall short of the mom’s ass’s true storytelling, thematic, and motif-centered worth in my stories. The same way a large ass in life brings unending pleasure, a large ass in my stories has unending meaning, and often changes its meaning depending on the context of the story. In my story Cheeks, ass represents the humiliation and unavoidable nature of being targeted for harassment and bullying at a workplace. In Little Red Corvette, ass represents everything your mom’s ass has that only other’s want. In Bright Red, the ass represents success and jealousy. In Spanked it represents the indignity in possible defeat. In La Grande Illusion, it represents the purity of France. In A Bang and a Whimper it represents whiteness. In Let the Right One in it represents exclusivity. In Wet Between the Cheeks it represents inadequacy and a fear of aging. As you can see, ass flesh, being soft, is malleable in the hands of the writer, conforming it to any shape its pressed against. Given how easy it was to rattle those examples off, I think I’ll get to writing that ass post sooner rather than later. But until then, let’s try to continue.

Ass(crack): The ass crack when the cheeks are pressed together represents being exposed. Often times the cheeks themselves are shown off in western culture. Anyone who’s been to a beach knows this. It’s the crack itself that we see as genuine nudity. So when the crack is exposed in a story, that represents the irreversible sight of the mom’s ass being witnessed by a separate consciousness. When the ass crack is opened-up, that represents exposure in the more invasive sense of that word. It symbolizes the mom being entirely exposed. The butthole itself being the most private part of a woman. That little crevice is called “where the sun don’t shine” for a reason. Ass cheeks being opened up symbolizes the end of all hiding places and the making available of what was once exclusive.

Pubic hair: The mom’s pubic hair, matching the color of the hair on her head, is a retread of that motif, but now in a more intimate form, reiterating the theme and expanding on it by making it private and dirty. So in keeping, red pubes represents wildness or exotic aura, blonde represents innocence and simplicity, brown is dignity and depth, and black is mystery and soul. One famous example of pubic hair I used was in the dream sequences of Dance With the Devil, where the mom had a furry bush of black pubic hair. Just like unkempt hair on the mom’s head, the wild pubic hair represented a free spirit, much more in tune with an ancient pagan nature.

Pussy: The pussy represents many things. The most obvious in my stories is victory for the bully, which is tied in with irreversibility, one of my favorite themes. It represents pleasure in its most basic sense, unsurprisingly as that’s what it was designed to give. It also represents rebirth as it’s the first tunnel which the son moved through to find life. By it being repenetrated, the son finds new life again. On top of this, the penis entering the pussy means defeat for the family that exists around this pussy. It’s technically the King on a chess board, the son being the Queen which gets in the way of the other pieces doing their job protecting the King. The pussy isn’t easy to get to, but once it’s checkmated, celebration can start.

Asshole: The asshole serves the same purpose as the pussy, though it tends to be used in more comical contexts. A mom whose pussy is penetrated by the bully is violated. A mom whose asshole was penetrated is sodomized. On top of that, the asshole, not being designed for penetration necessarily, is more likely to be stretched out of shape from insertion, and therefore the ass being penetrated often symbolizes ruin, like in the example of stories that involve objects being shoved inside it.

Guch: For those that don’t know, the guch refers to the area in between the pussy and asshole. This is only used in stories that involved more than one bully. Usually the guch is used to invoke the feeling that the mom is pinned in place, which can be done easily when she’s being double penetrated. The guch being stimulated from both sides, from cocks going in through the pussy and asshole also means humiliation.

Thighs: Thighs are a precursor to ass, in that their size, shape, and weight are usually the runoff of similar traits in the ass. Because of this, thighs basically become the foreshadowing that sex or nudity is on the horizon. They also represent the control of the lower half of the mom’s body, as not only are they the most powerful part of her body, but also that which the bully uses to help him position a mom. On top of that, they function as a gateway. When the legs are crossed, that means access to the pussy, and the bully’s victory is closed, but when they’re open, that means the path ahead is open as well.

Calves: Calves are usually representative of health in the mom. They represent control as well, to a significantly lower degree than thighs, as they have less leverage.

Feet: Feet are an unsung hero in my stories, though it’s probably easy to miss this. They aren’t something I directly sexualize too often, instead using them to subtly imply sex, but also femininity, station, exposure, intention, character or mood. In other words, feet kind of work as the soul of the mom (pun coincidental) in the same way that the ass is always demonstrative of theme. This is another part of the body deserving of its own separate post. In my Anatomy of the House write-up I detailed the importance of hallways in my stories, and how it is that hallways end up being among the heaviest lifters for conveying emotion, change, and direction in a story. Well feet are the ‘hallways’ of the body. When the mom’s feet are flat on the ground, it’s to show that she’s grounded and in control. When they’re hanging - either off of something she’s resting her legs on, like a couch armrest, or as she’s sitting on a railing – it represents relaxation and leisure. When her feet are off the ground, and it’s out of her control, like when they’re on the bully’s shoulder moving back and forth with his thrusting, it’s to show that she’s no longer in control of her fate. When her feet are in flip-flops, it implies a lack of definitive or skillful action. When they’re in high heels, it reminds the reader of her existence of an object of male desire. When they’re in her socks, it means she’s comfortable and cozy. When they’re bare, it means she’s at peace with being open in the moment. When she’s on the balls of her feet, it means she has intention. If she’s standing on them flat, it means she’s passive in the moment. Going back to the idea that the feet are the mom’s soul, the cliché that’s common in our culture is that eyes are the windows to the soul. In my stories that’s true as well. The eyes are the mom’s soul as she understands it. But her feet are her soul as it actually is in reality. This makes sense, as her feet are the furthest thing from her head, which is the seat of her mind, and her face, which is the image of the soul. The feet represent the mind and the soul at its most covert or least self-aware.

So, there goes another ‘anatomy’ post. I hope you guys like this one. Many people seemed to like the last one, even though that contained nothing explicitly sexual. At some point in the future I might make a post about the anatomy of a bully, and even one about the anatomy of a son. I also have a similar idea for doing the same with a towns and cities, with the time of the year, with colors, and with sexual positions. So stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading again guys. And keep jerking in the free-world.

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