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But a Cog in His Empire

In Your Room

You (On your bed jerking off)

My mom's ass is ripe to be plucked

To be groped, hopefully fucked

Her dignity and pussy leveled

Whether by man or cock of devil

I long to be a pantless cuck

I lie with my erect cock here

I look down at the noble spear

In privacy of my own room

That my mom paid for 20 year

This piece of me will mean her doom

The men in town, they are so burly

Vulgar masculinity

In comparison, I’m girly

And because of this, then they scare me

Perpetual virginity

My dad is gone. Brother enlisted

My mom's fate I've been duly gifted

Her waist is thin. Her ass is great

And both caught in my web of fate

Or do I have it all but twisted?

Oh if I had an angel here

To guide her fine and noble rear

Into the hungry pelvis grinding

If I had but a brew that blinding

Me of all my mousy fear

To put a pill inside her beer

And from the next room smacking hear

My love for the man upstairs'd be binding

And in my balls his brand is seared

In the Throne Room of Heaven


Do you hear him call for you?

He is a creature, much abandoned

If meek inherit the earth you say

He should be a presidential stand in

Or was that just a lie that day?

The Father

Do not question my intention

Lust is but a way that I

Proliferate in my invention

As said: be fruitful, multiply

Not to grab your heart in wrenchin'

And get cucked by another guy


But all that exists is your product

This earth is brimming with your glory

This would include the sweetest cuck?

Say no? Is that the end of story?

The Father

I admit the thought does make me horny


As does I. like my forehead

The Father

I designed his mom with thoughts in head

Of her folks frisky in the bed

Birth offspring from beauties wed

An ass so sweet to watch it spread

With cheeks as heavy as some lead


Your honesty in holy stead

Makes my grin and cock, both red

Excited for what will be next

The Father (in breathy satisfaction)

Give him what he asks for, yes


His appetite, it will be fed

The dropping of his mother's dress

The Father

The earth I made it to be blessed

Before both him and her are dead

Make true what ferments in his head


A 9 inch in her, nothing less

My favorite jewel from I read

"A man cannot survive on bread"

The Father

I admit. T’was wisely said

Permission you have to make good

Do exactly what you should

Do you have a plan?


Oh yes!



Chicken in the oven heat

After a long day at my work

To see my boy, he sits to eat

It leaves me with a knowing smirk

Mom's duty isn't fun to shirk

I love him, his head, hands and feet

You (Aside)

Oh to see that ass, so nice

A spur like from some rancher's prick

If it's invaded by a dick

So it sits on packs of ice

I'd pay for it at any price

Or give a limb that you might pick


To make it scrumptious with the spice

So my boy loves the taste of it

(Sees him)

Oh there you are, my love and joy

I always love to see my boy

And supper's done so please enjoy


I will, I know because you made it

My tastebuds sang last time I bit

So come and we can dine. Please sit

(Aside) But only if your ass can fit


I'd love to dine just you and me

You (Aside)

It spills off of the sides of the chair

That wonder of a derriere

I long to let that beauty free

In public where the men can stare

And pictures took non-chalantly

She'll try to cover its great size

To shield it from the lens and eyes

But she can't hide it anywhere

That'd be the greatest gift to me

A taste so scrumptious and the fee

If it cost all my property

I'd find my pockets deeper spare

All I have then I would share

See her ravaged, claw of bear

Dig into her honeycomb

Chained inside a pervert’s lair

Never again to see home


He smiles and that is all I need

Who needs much more? Who has the greed?

I'll smile too. I love him so


I love her ‘cause she does not know

In Your Bedroom


My stomachs full. Now I have 6 hours free for working

So ill drop my pants to the floor. And lay in bed while jerking

(You tug your dick furiously as your face gets red)

Home invader, please come in

And on my mom live out your sin


Your cock is wondrous. I will pass

The best piece is your mother's ass

You (Startled, pulling underwear over cock but failing)

I heard not even shattered glass


I’ve not got in through window pane

Or not even through the doggy door

I came in through a hole in floor

When I heard that you called my name


I know not what you mean or say

Don't rob me sir, please go away


Oh please don't play the part of bore

I know all that you dream and pray

Visions of mom down on all four


No I swear my thoughts don't stray


Please save it. Now then, where's the whore?


The whore? I know not what you mean


I mean the one who you're so keen

To see get fucked deep to your core


Them's fighting words. Now this is war


Oh please stop, you're weak and lean

And your cock betrays what you are for

(You look at your cock and your face gets beat red)


You're redder than me without my clothes

Your cock a red, delightful rose

And similar to my scheme

With evil it delights and grows


Your eye it betrays you too, it glows

Oh is it true, can it be...


I am, you have your name for me

But it is better left unsaid

Just know I know what’s in your head

You pledged it to me for a fee

But if we speak financially

I think you'll agree that instead

On that count it will all be free


You mean it’s done without a price?


Yes, but only in this life

You'd never have a wedded wife

So I cant take that prize for me

So your soul it will have to be

You (enthusiastic)

I'd gladly give it in a sinch

If that means what I think it does

To the honeycomb that’s all abuzz

I’ll give it to you in a pinch

And I am not just speaking figurative

But also mean with naked glove


The best part of this job’s the love

But it will be another man’s to clinch


I never believed in miracles

Or in spirits, imps and souls

My dick, it is as if it grows

Three times its size just like the grinch


Not so fast.

Or you might soon blast

Now who do you want to pulverize

And get between her cheeks and thighs

Likely someone not too wise

And one who you do true despise

One who scared you in the past

So now you sit and idolize

Imagining him pound it fast

Before your unbelieving eyes


Oh what beauty evil buys

On the saintly, I pass over


I know that well right from my spies

That you want villains bending over

That sweet ass while she's not sober


Ashamed to say that it is true


It is your choice. Don't be ashamed

We'll get her drinking witch’s brew

And your mom's ass. Divinely famed

We'll see it getting fucked for you

Amazing, I know. Though it's true

A gift that's happened for so few

The sweetest taste of honey dew

In your grasp. It is your due

Feel no shame at what you'll do

If more were you, they'd do it too

Don't touch yourself just yet my boy

Your heaven will be yours, enjoy

And in it you can spray your glue


Shh, or maybe she'll hear you


I cast a spell upon her ear

The minute that I came in here

I cant be seen when in her view

Her fate's not hers to see and hear


That is a fact that deserves cheer

She's like a cattle, hear her moo

Mom (from the other room)

My boy, the darling of my life

I've always been a faithful wife

And though I'm here now all alone

I focus on what's here and known

And do not covet what is not

Only all that I do own


In our trap it seems she's caught


I rattle deep down to my bone

It will be so sweet and hot


Now grasp to me, for I can fly

The front door it is what we forego

Instead out the window we will go

And find ourselves your nightmare guy


This is no dream, let it be so


One does not dream with open eye


But one don’t often taste what you bestow


I must admit that this is true

This fate that you will reap is new

But you must throw out all you know


Okay now I will hold to you


And while you do, enjoy the view

Of the little world below

College Bar

Jock 1

The ass is here ripe for the picking

Jock 2

So delicious, finger licking

Jock 1

When I find an ass that’s mine

I’ll make her my own valentine

Jock 2

But that love will then fade away

Jock 1

Yes, but only by the end of day

Jock 2

Long enough for what you want

Jock 1

And afterwards that I will taunt

Jock 2

Send pictures of it to where she lives

Of all the pleasure that she gives

To her grandmother, mom and aunt

Jock 1

On her dignity, I’ll take a wizz

Jock 2

In snow so all will know what is

Jock 1

And do it in comic sans font

You and Mephistopheles arrive


This play, I say it gives me jitters

The dimming lights and all square jaws


The kitty kats with all their paws

Will never go for mousy quitters

They’d rather treat you like a child

Invite someone else in less mild

Someone who’s composition fit ‘er

And tuck you in upstairs, though you’re beguiled

And hear them below going wild

It’s as if she were your babysitter


I wish I had one when I was young

To invite over a man like these

Living room carpet, naked knees

She does to him what he may please

I’d hear his pleasure duly sung


This is what wild nature decrees

The lesser man shall play the cuck

And to make up for what he envies

His imagination runs amok

Though you have a quite fine cock to suck

No fine young lady ever sees

Guarantee is this: you’ll never fuck


And my intuition, it agrees

My mind is like a garbage truck

But in trade, and what good luck

Mind’s unbounded by the seven seas


Cock forsaken by all deities

But here’s a shot, you have the puck

One of these fine hogs they tuck

Will be the weapon of your sleaze

And make your mother chicken cluck

And in our web, her ass is stuck


I hope so with hellish degrees


Appropriate to say I’m struck

Poetic genius, or dumb luck

Either way, remain at ease

Leave it to Mephistopheles

Now which one should we broach to talk


That one. Oh, a frightful jock


So let’s go. If he’s your type

Ethically bent but tough as pipe

He’ll fit your mother like her sock

He won’t even have to knock

Her consciousness with spells we’ll wipe

To master-key her stubborn lock

No need to do that song and dance

No get to know, or slow romance

And introduce her to his cock


You make a party in my pants


You get ahead, Please drop your lance.

We cannot take orgasm’s chance

Not until we do advance


He scares me but I am undeterred

Though I feel if we say one wrong word

He’ll put me in an ambulance


Thrilling, no?


You know me so


With one hand, smacks your mommy’s ass

The other smacks you in your chin

All the more deserve to win

Shatter her dignity like glass


This is too delightful to be sin


If it be sin, you will not pass

You’ll see your mom a clown tonight


How could it be wrong, it feels so right


I never said that it was wrong

That association is too strong

That all that exists in the light

Is justified in Father’s sight

Not all that is so pure is white

And all that’s white would bang his gong


I do not understand your song


To not know all, that is a perk

Speaking of, let’s watch him play

I once knew a wiseman who would say:

“You’ll known a man just from his work”

So let’s see him work away

He’s nearing up to his prey


Let’s watch him now, this square-jawed jerk

Jock 1

Hello my dear, may I ask you where you’re from?


You may. But I’m afraid that’s not fun

Jock 1

Fun is what we say it is

I’ll show you over soda fizz

Would you prefer a coke and rum?

Jock 2 (In jock 1’s ear)

She’ll take two, with extra cum


I don’t drink. It makes me numb

Jock 1

That would be a crying shame

For you to hardly know your name

Subtract a white dove from your sum


I don’t understand. Explain

Jock 2 (In Jock 1’s ear)

You hit the mark. This girl is dumb

Jock 1

Well, I will have. So please have some

Don’t be so high. Don’t nose your thumb


Don’t thumb my nose, you surely mean?

Jock 1

I apologize. A static hum

Is all that is, that I have sipped

So let’s break bottles on this ship

And come with me to funner lands

Where mountains loom, Colossus stands

Jock 2 (to Jock 1)

And where we can rub up our glands


Funner? That is not a word

Jock 1

You know my meaning. Don’t be haughty

You, I like you. You are naughty

Don’t be anal. It’s absurd

Jock 2 (To Jock 1)

Unless it’s anal of the body


He seems so nice. Not quite a heel

We’d be better served elsewhere, I feel


Haven’t you learned a thing this evening?

Just how so the world can be deceiving?

After all, we did just fly

He does look nice. But I can feel him seething

Remember all good players lie


If that’s so I like this guy

Perfect for sexual healing


Not so fast. Wait for revealing

Of who he is to naked eye


And if so, will we bring him home

And see him and his naked thigh?


If he does, I will say aye

He’ll be nude as statues in Rome

Over him, our eyes will roam

A feast for us, both you and I


And then she’ll be a feast for him

And through her flesh he’ll dip and swim


He’ll have a piece of butt cheek pie


I excuse myself to tug my jim


No, you’ll stay here. Now focus. Try.

You (Down to your cock)

I apologize my little friend


You’ll make it all up in the end


No rum and coke, just ginger ale

Oh please don’t show protest or flail

It’s really all. It shall suffice

Jock 1

Would you prefer champagne on ice

Served within a giant pail?


To be quite frank, that does sound nice

Jock 1

Do you assume that for your tail

I’d spring for that. And do it twice?

Jock 2 (To jock 1)

Get into her head like lice


I don’t get it. Your meaning fails

Jock 1

Believe me, sweet. That’s no surprise

I see the dullness in your eyes

I’m not quite new at snatching tails


Mephistopheles. You are wise

Jock 1

I don’t want you as my nightingale

No one does. Don’t you realize?

Girl (Shocked)

I beg your pardon?!

Jock 1

They only talk to you for their cock you harden

Not to know you for your soul’s tree

But only to trample through your sacred garden


How dare you say such things to me

I only come to have fun with friends

But now the night, it twists and bends.

So I’m afraid I’ll be departin’ (Gets up and turns around to leave)

Jock 1 (Looking at her ass)

And now it is. You present your merit

Unlike your mind that we doth bear it

This is the gift that you inherit

And I won’t just grin and chase this carrot (Grabs her ass)

(Girl Shrieks)

Jock 2

You grab it so hard, you might tear it


Please let go, you hurt me so

Jock 1

This horse and pony show, please spare it

Mephistopheles (Looking at You smugly)

I said as much. That he would worsen

I see myself in every person

How do you think I found you?

You (Astonished)

I guess I owe the devil his due

Bouncer (Grabs Jock 1)

Unhand that maid, you filthy swine

If you really want a touch so bad

That it did drive you so damn mad

Why not pry miss with some wine?

Jock 1

I tried but she was acting hot

To humiliate the cow, I sought (let’s go of her butt cheek)

(Girl runs off crying)


Did you see her seat, it’s torn

Now, as everybody sees

The granny style of her panties

It seems she’s pure as when she’s born


I knew that too. She’s pure as milk

For I didn’t sense her as my ilk

She’s one of Boss’s sacred lambs

I love it when mine tear His silk

And take pearls from his shellstrong clams


You made the misses cry, you scum

You violate her soul and bum

I’m going to throw you to the curb

Find somewhere else to then disturb

Jock 1 (As he’s dragged off)

That will be no issue sir

I’ll find my prey and make her pur

I’ve yet see payback for my errs

My pilfering of sweet eclairs

So this scene will reoccur


We need to follow him, and quick

We’ll lose him when he leaves the lot

His body, it is firm and hot

I’ve never met a bigger dick


I told you you would have your pick

Is he perfect for your plot?

A better here will you find not?


Your sense of humor, it is sick.


And seriousness is a rot

I loosen what was once so taught

But I see your point. The time it ticks

In living room


I watch the screen. This show I like

Is about a sweet family

It’s very personal to me

The similarities do strike

I waved my oldest bye with cloth

I saw him off across the sea

Now my youngest, like flames to moth

I long to draw him close to me

I love them both as endlessly

As ocean’s deep and wide as pastures

God’s great gifts, what they don’t cure

And to think he gave them out for free

(The clock strikes)

It’s 12 o’ clock, where can he be?

In the Parking Lot


That was fun. I must admit

Inside my palm. It was a fit

I love the way I made her cry

That will teach. Don’t mess with I


That you made a point is clear

You branded her right on her rear


Who is that? Who do I hear?


The two of us look over here

(Jock looks over)


He gives me such an intense fright

His eyes pierce me just like a spear

I’m in his headlights. I’m a deer

So is my mom, her ass so white


Excuse me then. What does he say?


In time you will then know his plight


I’d rather that he go away

I already made one cry tonight


You say one? May I asks one what?


Pussy. The one I slapped her butt


Oh I see. I understand.

You call him pussy. Though he’s a man.


That is correct. Do you take issue?


He does. But into a sock or tissue


It doesn’t wash. I see him shake

He can’t even look me in the eyes

He’s the type that I despise

And furthermore, his bones can break


What a shame. He thinks your great


Enough jokes. I will punch his clock


And if you do, he’ll tug his cock


What did you say to me you freak?


If you calm yourself, then you will find

What I have here will blow your mind

You’ll find my little friend unique


All I see is a pip-squeak


I wish that I could disagree

I’m too ashamed that he’s with me

But excuse me now while I speak Greek

His offer to you is magnifique


That’s French


(To you)

Shut up you little geek!

(To Jock)

Have you ever fucked a sleeping miss?


Do you mean one that tires?


No, I mean one out and out

Who knows not who does creep about

And uses her to quench his fires


I don’t’ speak to two who’s wearing wires


If it puts you at ease, we’ll strip for you

But in return then you strip too


I knew it, you’re a bunch of mo’s


We’re not, please trust me. Here’s my nose


I know not what you even mean


When I lie, it always grows


You are clever, it is seen

But for God’s sake, can you disclose?


“For God’s sake?” What a phrase

One that is completely true

When you see what he cooked for you

You’ll hit the church and sing his praise


I’m afraid I cannot chat for days

Please tell me what you want to do


Please tell him ‘for he runs me through


Would you if you had the chance

Take a white rose with a behind

That could make the keenest sight go blind

And take her in a lover’s dance

If it includes her but not her mind?


I’m not as clever as you are

What’s sun to you, to me is star


You see it then, but it’s too far?


Too far for me to feel it’s heat


I’m afraid I’m being too discrete

My friend right here. His mommy’s ass

It sculpted of the whitest gold

When God made her he broke the mold

Not for her mind, you would pass

But for her behind, you’ll feel pulled

Feel the sun? Are you still cold?


I am a little closer still

But still do not get your end

The puzzle piece: your little friend

Did he film from the window sill

And now to get a little thrill

Will show me now his mom’s rear-end?


Whatever on God’s earth

Would be nice to see

Would be better grasped

Wouldn’t you agree?

Jock (interested)

I would


That’s good

And would you agree still

That many brag with pride

That what was nice to touch

Felt better from inside?


I like where this is going

Mephistopheles (Grinning)

You remind me of my friend

Jock (pointing at you)

Not this little hen!


No, another who is all-knowing

But let me ask again:

Would you engage in sweet delight

Not long from now, maybe tonight

A goddess, body just like Venus

Invade her person with your penis

If she were out like a light

Would you fuck her ass so white

While we both watched it on in bliss

With memories, she used to kiss

Him on his cheek when off to school

The woman who made many drool

While drooling now herself in turn

Would you take the chance to learn

What she feels like from her inside

That you can know and tell with pride

I seen tonight, it’s what you earn

I know the impulse. Know the burn

The sweetest taste of evil’s side

Forbidden butt cheeks you divide

And do it without no concern

In doing so that God decried

In fact I’m working on his side

This shapely form, it earned his favor

Innocence, the sweetest flavor

Shaped it with his careful hand

Now he’s calling in what he’s owed

This purity’s new reprimand

These flame’s of lust he chose and fanned

To penetrate in her abode

Her holy house, the souls of damned

Ravage through. Like a deluge

The kindest lay the welcome mat

And then the sound is pat-pat-pat

On her ass and there’s no refuge


I don’t know ‘bout this and that

But given offers you’ve laid flat

How can I refuse?

If you’d like to watch me fuck

And pulverize her like a truck

Then her ass I can abuse


I don’t know whether to cry or cum


Do neither now, do both much later

We first need the brew to violate ‘er

And her round sweet sacred bum

Now I can take two in flight

I get the strength from such a thought

From the weight that such cheeks brought

Hanging off an ass so white

Unfastening the sacred knot

That hides. The war all women fought

Which gives us pleasure when they fight

Especially when all it bought

It what will happen now tonight

And then when her fate’s what she got

We have the knowledge it was right

So hold me so fast with all

The story ends if either fall


I can’t believe. This is too fair

I’m I sleeping, as it seem?

For to wake up from this dream

To me would be the worst nightmare


And look below, the city gleam

To celebrate the winning team


I must dream. The will to dare.

Witch’s Apartment


Somehow I expected something more

When I heard that a witch’s involved

For our troubling problem solved

I felt an aura at the door

But now we’re in. I expected more


Now where is this magic whore?


She must be here, I’ll call her name

Or if it calls to wake her up

I’ll conjure up a talking flame

And on her sleep, alarm will sup


You called, you called, there is no reply

Please tell me now, what does this mean?

How was this fate now so unseen

By one who claims he’ll bring the sky

Down from heights to the cement

On the day of hell’s judgement?


But it’s from heaven, I am sent

At least since I’ve been paying rent

So quiet now and watch your tongue

Or I’ll bathe it in tears and dung

You (Fearful)

I’m just confused, that’s what I meant

When I saw absence, it just stung


This place, I mark it rather plain

But there I see a crystal ball

It sits next to that voodoo doll

We’ll look to find our What’s-Her-Name


Though it is hers, it responds to me

Everything of witches, I did give

She is my representative

So through her glass eye I’ll see

You (astonished)

I saw now through your hand that pass

Over the ball, you have a claw

Much bigger than a kitten’s paw


All the better to grab ass.


Before you play and raise guffaw

Or give in to this ooh and awe

We have a fate that has to pass

A nagging mite at my neck gnaw

We have a job to break the law

Upon this plump and scrumptious ass


The first program within this glass

Will show you what only angels saw


Is that what I- yes! That is her room

Is that this night? This very moon?


Indeed it is. We’ll be there soon.

(Mom walks into her room)


Indeed, she is a gorgeous lass

But the dress she wears obscures her ass

(Mom opens her drawer and grabs her pajamas and lays them on the bed)


Oh what bliss! She’s going to change

Her will to show it off is meek

Unwittingly she’ll show each cheek

To the eyes of one who’s strange

(Just as she goes to lift her dress, static clouds the vision with mousy noises as if it were a frequency changing on an antenna TV)


Oh, what torture. Tap its side

With magic, how does this fit?


Even magic has limit


But you do not, please turn the tide


You flatter me. You puff my pride

But my gifts are not infinite

Unlike the one who lives upstairs

Alone he picks whose soul he spares

I only fight within his pit

It’s coming back. Now look at it

(The static fades, and Mom has just pulled up her pajama bottoms at this exact moment, giving no glimpse of her bare ass whatsoever)


Oh, what injustice! I could spit!


I can divine its lusty shape

Although the fabric hangs on loose

So I still don’t know the fruit I’ll juice

To put it plain, the ass I’ll rape

Mom (Singing)

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

So please don’t take

My sunshine away


She sings it as she leaves the room

A songbird in this web of doom

Near caught pants down in one-way Zoom


I can’t take it. I’m ‘bout to coom


Keep that leviathan in your pants

‘til this behemoth gets his chance

And then when it comes, you can gorge

To the sight of this brave Saint George

To slay his dragon with heavy lance


Please provide. Please, all you say

Please be Saint George, no Quixote


He’ll plunge his sword into his prey

Tell him man, you will do so?






I’m kidding

Even if she were a chink

Who existed with an ass so flat

I’d still sully her welcome mat

And pour her honor down the sink


You are an angel, I do think


No, no angel. Maybe a nun

I know angels. I once was one

But let’s mosey on. Enough with fun

Again across the crystal ball

Where to find the witch we call


What is that, all black but flame


Wispurgis Night, that is its name

It’s where the witch’s come to meet

And furry bunnies, goblins eat

All done to sanctify my fame

I’m embarrassed I forgot

I almost missed it. What a shame


And now I guess you’ll miss it not


Fate calls me back there all the same

Wispurgis Night

Chorus of Witch’s

Now the night is juvenile

For acts of darkness, hate and vile

And so now all that’s innocent

That Son bless, Father invent

Will receive the highest share of bile


These hags are great, I love their style


Enjoy the magic in the night

And celebrate with this witch's coven

And if we play our cards just right

And flatter and appeal they might

Provide what we need for your mom’s “lovin'”


This is the proper task, I'm sure

But if this plan evaporate

I'll fall into a spell so great

A sick for which there is no cure

And never will I masturbate


Surely you now exaggerate

But rather than contaminate

Let desperation be your spur


The food I see, I gravitate

And fill my stomach for this night

To energize my pelvic bite

The hunger that I'll satiate

Exists within proportion

To the ass that I ingratiate

Myself with and its portion


Well go on then and get your fill

The ass in question is of God

And when we fill her with the brew to nod

Her head. She'll blow your daffodil


I'll keep the faith but worry still


Faith it is a bitter pill

Causes men to come my way

And with their prize possession pay

So my loving cup will overfill

And over their bowed heads will spill


We have not much time in the day

So for this talk, my patience nil


The worry in your face: dramatic

Would make a perfect movie still

That face could pack a double bill

I can see the toys in your attic

Or in your eye, the signal's static

By that I mean not: it is still


Please, my soul is in my will

For you to take when I’m in urn

And if it will forever burn

Or work chained up to devil's mill

My future is of no concern

I will gladly die up on this hill

For what it is I truly yearn

I'll be your hapless slave until

The gears of all they cease to turn

To throw my mother at his bat


It might not have to come to that


How do you mean!? You swore it will!


Please do not turn this to a spat

I meant it might not come to fill

My halls with your mousy presence

That would be for me the sentence

To be forced to see your meagre face

Moping 'round. Asperger's grace

The corners of my allotted space

Stiff lumber in my fireplace

The thought of it doth make me sick

Plus your mother's in a better place

She'll fit right in with heaven's grace

And you will whine and jerk your dick

For all of known eternity

That would make it a hell for me


Shut your mouths. I see a witch

Hunched, misshapen, over cauldron

The living embodiment of sin

She stirs her brew now with a switch

The opposite of how you describe

The woman who I'll soon imbibe

But she'll help us anesthetize the bitch


The way that you refer to her

Is so delightful, sweet, and pure

I feel my cock grow in my gitch


It will be great when we are done

And when its so, you'll have your fun

So satisfied to scratch that itch


Let's approach. I'll throw the pitch


Toil and trouble

Spirits bubble

The devil's hooved with lots of stubble

Boundless fate within my palm

Unexplainable phenomenon

Whose effects last on and on

A living blight upon the lawn

A mark of Cain that’s never gone


In that case, place a vial upon

My palm I hold it open now

The evil that it doth allow

It's black cape, in the moon it don


I can gift you some, give me a week


We have to get some before dawn


I appreciate what you suggest

But I cannot give it on request


You'll give it now to me, you mage


Really now! You surely jest

You are not coy, nor are you too cute

If you insist to act like such a brute

I think I'll find that it is best

That I'll turn you to a rat or newt


The way she cackles. I'm in fear


She should fear us now listen here

If you insist to treat us out of spite

I promise you that overnight

Your magic gifts will disappear


You threw your paddles from your boat

How 'bout I give you hooves of deer?


And improvement to my hooves of goat

Witch (face going white)

Oh can it be! It can't. Oh dear.

But you were so late to appear


Will you chastise now because I’m tardy?


No, I only find excuse

For why I let my wild tongue loose

Because you were late to the party

I didn’t expect you now to come

Your new appearance struck me dumb


How ‘bout this. If you provide

A cup of what you’ve brewed thus far

I’ll spare you from the burning tar

And not loose the imps upon your hide


This right here? It’s cyanide


That last witch to lie to me, she died


I guess that then won’t be my fate

I could not lie to one so great


If it’s cyanide that burns

Inside of your black cauldron pot

That steams the night air, piping hot

I’ll make sure that to wine it turns

And you can drink up the whole lot

But if it is a poison not

My spell will make it so in turn

Witch (Sweating)

Yes, of course. I’ll take the drink

The games you play I’m tickled pink


I’ll see you next, but in an urn

Witch (With false playfulness)

Oh, wise one, you called my bluff

You’re still made of the smartest stuff

I just wanted you to show your power

What I’ve been cooking up last hour

Is for a local college tough

So he can waltz the garden rough

And pick him out the sweetest flower

Where once was stark resistance, huff

And puff and blow the mighty tower


You do not have to explain to me

I gifted you your specialty

In return for you own soul

The young maiden innocence you stole

Is of biggest delight to see

I live with The Father, he should know

He sees me watch and my horn grow

And I play with it there openly


He’s seemed to lighten up I sense


When it comes to this he’s on the fence

He’s the one who set the rule

But I feel he feels he’s played the fool

For when he sees his beauty used

Wondrous shapes forced and abused

On curves, all injustice that’s known

If I listen hard, I hear him moan

Not one thing leaves him more confused


But do you see him jerk the bone?


How do you think the rain it spews?

(They both laugh)


Now I know why he let you nest

He needs a clown who dare to jest


So if our target, she ingest

This brew into her sacred chest

Will she become our witless slave

Incapable to fight or save

Herself from this here humping pest (pointing to Jock)


She’ll be filled with this grinning knave

If you fill her with this steaming brew (ladle’s some into a goblet)


It really is to now come true!


That is what I want to hear

So now we’ll have to disappear

To my servant, I bid adieu


Could it be heaven is near

(Mephistopheles, Jock, and You fly off into the night air)


The look on that young man’s divine

The cupcake in question must have class

With big ole’ tits or massive ass

I’ll watch with that crystal ball of mine

I hope I can make it home in time

Home – Living Room


It’s four o’clock. Where is my dear?

I’d be asleep four hours passed

The anxiety my gut amassed

Has me staying up in fear

My soul it aches now for his presence

The son’s aura, its effervescence

Fills every mother with glee

That makes her feel both soft and free

Or is that way unique to me?

Either way, it’d still my head

To know he’s sleeping soft in bed

I fear for his safety, little lamb

That he should meet horns of a ram

But not so that he’d be misled

He is too pure. I heard him said

In prayer in his room one night

He wished and wished with all his might

And though I could not hear this prayer

I heard this passion in its pleas

Anyone who hopes to these degrees

Will get what he wants in heavy share

Wherever his goal, he’ll make it there


(Mephistopheles and You come in)


My mom she’s still up, she looks tried

Her Romeo is post outside

I see her brow. Her juicy pear

What a beautiful, sweet mare

For our very own white knight to ride


With the dirt she will collide


Hurry up, the sunlight nears


Give me a glass, to pour this in

This goblets carved from bones of deers

And wrapped up tight in dried goat skin

And it is old, but forty years

The same age group your mom is in

Though she could still draw many tears

Both from the eye and from the prick

She’d stack up with the greatest rears

That any man could ever stick


Here you’ll have her favorite pick

The glass she got in Istanbul


Its foreign rim is flavorful

It’s Turkish shape shall do the trick

To light the fuse with flaming stick

Turn Ancient Rome into a skull

Its inhabitants are panic strick

And cucked now by this Turkish bull

T’was hotter the more brown the dick


And this now here will be our goal


It fits its from Constantinople

I was there that day, I longed it bad

Comparable to sacked Baghdad

By savage cock of the Mongol


I’d stop him now? He’s on a roll

My lips they shiver, limbs do shake

Hurry up for heaven’s sake!

I pledge to you, eternal soul

But only if this plays in full


Speaking of full, here is the glass

The web to catch this sweet ole’ ass

Drawn toward its cavity

With the heaviest of gravity

Formed by its enormous mass


To not step next: depravity

Mephistopheles (slapping you on the butt)

So hurry up, and gift the lass

(You leave)


My god’s name he is Violate

His wife her name’s Annihilate

We pray to him upon an ass

And if its fate he lets come pass

Who could say that God’s not great?

Living Room


My heart, my heart. It fill with worry

So please come home, son. Please now, hurry


What is it, mom? Is it me you call?

I was just out for drinks is all


For drinks?


Come on. You seem surprised


No, not at all. No, I surmised

I’m just so glad to see you back

The monsters out there, they attack


This is a tale for kids devised

And truly only for one’s bad


It’s true, a tale for an evil lad

And you’re a man now. And you’re kind

One both pure of heart and mind


Have a sip of this drink I’ve had

It tastes of flower, as if designed


I really do not want a sip

Into sweet peaceful sleep I slip


This will help you close your eyes

If dreams, into a deeper dip


Then let me sip it, sage, so wise


The rim upon your bottom lip

(Mom tips back her head and the glass and swallows every last drop)


Oh, I adore this sweet fine taste

Within this stuff what is encased?


Everything that dreams are made of


Hopes and prayers, friendship and love?


Yes mom, that. All of the above


I feel it suits me like a glove


It’s really true. Oh yes it does

Mom with honeycomb abuzz


I’m afraid I do not get your tongue


Don’t worry. Just let go of the rung

(Mephistopheles steps in, pantless from the waste down. Mom doesn’t see him)

You (Looking at his erect penis)

You really are a horny sort


Let’s bring him in to storm this fort


With who is it you now consort?

Aren’t you too old for an invisible friend?


But I’m also too young not to dream

Or to see there’s not more than what may seem

And to not bring this whole tale to end




Yes, tail. I mean your rear-end


Oh, what’s happening. I feel strange


It’s just the planets now rearrange

What once was normal, simple and plain

Will now be foreign, distant, far

The normalcy, your guiding star

Be blot out by horrid stain


Get ready for what you’ve been saving for

Soon you can burst your water mane

I’ll bring him in to bless this whore

(Mephistopheles leaves)


The sun it now peaks over the rim

Of the world that is my blessing

With trees and mountains as its dressing

Shines on this glory that is not slim

So much ass that one could swim

Through it like a cleansing stream

And now I’ve lived to see it ream

I can’t wait to give it to him

My mouth is dry, my tongue it thirsts

For heaven now in bounteous bursts

Seconds now right from my goal

The highest point now for my soul

I’d gladly give it up for this

To taste but seconds of the bliss

That is on track to come my way

Upon my head, this angel kiss

That it will never go away

I’ll see the bright in each abyss

We aimed for bullseye, didn’t miss

Upon this bright and holy day

(Mephistopheles and Jock come in)


Now here she is, she’s in the flesh

Her hair looks nice, her skin is fresh

But you know what I want to see

So please proceed to show to me


Do it now boy, let it free


Once it is done, it can’t un-be

(You pull Mom’s ass up so she’s on her knees with the top half of her body face down. You pull the cheeks of Mom’s ass up and out of her pajama bottoms)


I don’t believe!


Though I have power to deceive

This is what it is untouched

All by its own, it needs no crutch


Will you receive?


I need it much


Well help me now, we’ll strip her nude

Naked in her privacy

With every inch right here to see

Seen and touched by a strange dude


Help him now, boy. Don’t be rude


My pleasure

How long will this stuff last?


All day


So I can have fun with leisure


Her whole lower half is bare now

And all of it’s a treasure


Her ass alone makes her heavy

I wonder what its measure


That’s an unimportant scale to me

Let’s measure it in purity

In that sense it is worth the world

All creation’s it unfurled


I know this is not flattery

Just admirer’s poetry

Let’s move her to the couch with you

Don’t be a prude, get naked too


If life were but a poem

The poet would be slick

(To Jock)

Both him and his fifth limb

Are both a giant prick


It really is fantastic

That in my mom he’ll stick

It will turn me to a spastic

The way I jerk my dick


Please allow me to join in too

I really do enjoy the view


Who wouldn’t?


Yes, that is true




Even You-Know-Who


Now if precious fate allow

Please do your thing, please take her now


Now without further adieu

I’ll fuck these butt cheeks black and blue


I can’t believe my very eyes

My very own and dear sweet mother

Without the knowledge of my brother

Is fucked by the type I despise

By a plot I helped devise

He’s deep within my dad’s jewel

Making my whole clan the fool

By partying between her thighs

His fleshy gift is now his tool

He spreads her cheeks now with big hands

The arrogance his win demands

Washes over me, so meek

Every gut punch, it so lands

This is heaven for a geek

The sunset my whole soul doth seek

Though the sun rise on these glands

The inside of her crack exposed

The map within it, its disclosed

Each diamond in the rough made bear

All has happened while she’s dozed

Mephistopheles (massaging his balls)

Enjoy this moment. It is rare

It really is sick and unfair

That so few will ever see such wonder

They think sublime is clouds and thunder

But never to see momma bear

Be so used while she’s put under

Holes are stuffed and cheeks asunder

The beauty of this derriere

A disgrace to mountains high and brooks

All aggressive glares and looks

A signal read that you should share

And though she gives it all this morn

In front of son, for this forlorn

She still has so much more to spare


That little devil, with its pride

Daring to go up deep inside

Literal devil in her lair

Only the darkest could prepare

The moment that bring so much light

Impossible moments and sights

All within the reach of arm

Of such great pros, such little harm

But only through stone superstition

Will most not bring this to fruition

Teutonic might, a cuck’s crusade

The path, by brick, it’s set and laid

For adventurers in holy mission


You’re Joan of Arc, the cuck edition

Another tale, a fine addition


I’ll make good. My soul to you, transition


I’ll reveal a truth that’s in disguise

All this talk of hell is lies

A way to get flat bread to leaven

In other words, to get a rise

All this talk of what’s forbidden

It’s to make it a rare prize

If devil’s six, and god is seven

Hell is just the spice of heaven


My mom’s ass fucked, it spice the earth?


It does. Plus it gives heaven mirth

Your mom now lives her highest worth

That was the plan straight from your birth


I just knew that it couldn’t be

That what felt this good was bad for me


That guiding light was right you see

The way that you are so sweetly cucked

Your mom’s ass gloriously fucked

That truth will live on endlessly


Listen to the way it slaps

I feel it now, I’ll cum perhaps


That slapping is the devils choir

Pant and sweating is my fire

Sell your soul, I’ll find a buyer

Or your ass for a price much higher

There is no part I more admire

The Father

And of such stories, I never tire


For you possess the world entire

The Father

For every pretty one that pass

Her every cheek on every ass

Is but a cog in my empire

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