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Flesh, Sun, and Sand (updated)

Inspired by works such as Star Wars, Dune, and Lord of the Rings, my first novella, "Flesh, Sun, and Sand," takes place in an exotic locale, one quite unlike our own, situated within the context of a grand empire, itself run by a Mad King.

The protagonist (Eedie) and his beautiful, luscious mother exist as Wanderers, scavenging the deserts on the empire's outskirts for junk they can sell to survive. The son, having fantasies of power, and domination over his mother and her beautiful body, may have just found something which will help him on that quest. Unfortunately for his mother, she's none the wiser.

Containing lecherous uncles, lusty cousins, tribal bandits, imperial soldiers, prison guards, politicians, monsters, and even clowns, there's no nook or cranny this story doesn't explore, whether it be a nook in my imagination, or a nook in the body of the beautiful mother in question. Incest, cuckoldry, voyeurism, non-consent, psychological torture, kidnapping, blackmail, and public humiliation in front of thousands all play a part in this tale. I'll let you guess who the brunt of all that will be.

If you're interesting in reading how Eedie's mother's unbelievable body gets used and abused, the link to my patreon and subscribestar, with the first two parts of the story available immediately upon signing up, can be found below. For those interested, thanks in advance.

Also, you will get a link to the Momism discord, and access to other content that I'll be posting shortly. See you there!


I've also published the story on smashwords for those who don't want to commit to patreon or subscribestar

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