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Joy Division / An Open Invitation (Excerpts) - Get These Two Stories Early if You Support on Patreon or Subscribestar

Updated: Jun 16

Hey guys, both these stories will be free on the blog eventually, but if you were interested in getting both of them early, you can do so by supporting me on Patreon or Subscribestar.

If you have a choice, I prefer subscribestar, but I'm not too picky about it.

The first story, starring the beautiful Blondie Fesser (portrayed on the left), is called Joy Division. This one will be out on the blog in three days from now. But my supporters have already gotten early access to it.

The second story, starring Rose Monroe, is called An Open Invitation. It's not entirely finished yet (I just have to finish the ending), but it will be soon. My supporters on these two sites will get this one in a few days, and they will have access to it a month earlier than everyone else.

(I post the links to the these stories on my discord. I'll message you the link upon subscribing)

I deliberately wrote these two in conjunction for this purpose. That way I could get a new story out on schedule, but still offer supporters more by giving them access to new material a month ahead of schedule. This will be the new policy from now on, and it will be available to supporters of all tiers. On top of that, supporters also get access to written shorts (these will average between 1000 to 3000 words). These shorts will only be for supporters.

Just an excerpt from each story:


Joy Division

Your mom lay at home, the television still audible, its tinny speech echoing throughout the house. She grimaced at the thought of you sitting down before it, watching it with wide, unjudging eyes. Your dad had told her it was the next big thing. She didn’t need to be convinced of that, but something in her, some reactionary seed, dreaded the idea that it would have some effect on the youth, one beyond all parental and societal control. You looked over at her, seeing her body sweating healthily in the sun.

Your Torah sat aside, open and incomprehensible on the table. It was filled with an ancient language and history, stuffy and mysterious, a wall of impenetrable characters, keeping behind itself the story of your people, from the inception of the earth, to your freedom, to your earliest covenant with the creator of everything.

Your mom, a piece of that creation, lay on the couch, her blonde locks falling over her shoulders, past her giant breasts. Her thighs, thick and bronzed, sat succulent within the dusty sunlight.

You wanted to get up, to go to your room to deal with your thoughts in the most private way you could, but you feared your pleasure would be seen through your shorts if you stood up. You instead sat at the table, your torah above it, resting directly above your throbbing cock. You touched your cock, your eyes slowly crawling up your mom’s heels, up her calves, then to her thighs, before stopping on the blue shorts which covered her crotch and round ass. You massaged your cock through your shorts.


An Open Invitation

“Well hello!” Your mom said with such a joyous sing-song that even through his joy and his confusion, he felt a subtle pull in toward the warmth of the home she represented. He looked past her, into an empty living room. She said your name, doing so in the form of a question.

He looked up at her from the bottom of the stoop, bowled over by how pretty she was.

“You’re here to see him?” she asked again.

He stared at her for a moment, the lower half of her body suddenly emerging within his awareness as something not only of note, but of superlative example. Though he noticed this entirely in his lower peripheral, as he was looking her directly into her inquisitive eyes and didn’t dare look away.

“Yeah,” he said.

Her inquisitive mouth transformed into a smile. “Well, he isn’t home just yet.” She backed away from the doorway, giving him a better glimpse of her body, in a state of motion no less. “Come in, come in.” She motioned him into the open space of the house.

He mounted the steps.

Sunlight shone in through the window and he stepped inside.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked, passing him on the way to the kitchen. “I have all kinds.”

He watched her as she went, noting her ass, feeling a thrill at seeing it, in this venue and under this context. “Uh, no,” He said. “I don’t need a drink.”

“You sure?” she asked. He was looking at the back of her head, just a wall of black hair. She grabbed the handle of the fridge and pulled it open. She dipped her head beyond its door, the rest of her still visible from where he approached. He watched her on his way to the living room.


If you feel at all enticed by that, consider supporting to get the first one now, three days ahead of schedule (June 16th), and the second one in a day or two (June 15th at the latest), a month ahead of schedule (July 15th).

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