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Mama, I Knocked Her Out (LL Cool J Parody)

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We’re calling her cumback pull it out her rear beat up by my peers puttin’ me into fear Makin’ my tears rain down for my mom’s poon Listen to her ass go boom! Orgasm, overpowerin’ Stick a spy cam in the room where she’s showerin’, surveillance shop, now I got bare ass footage let me jerk my cock

Will you please stare, look at it move her big derrier at the end of the day it’s gonna need a pack of ice Mom’s ass if for men and not mice

I’m gonna knock her out Mama drugged. knock her out I’m gonna knock her out Stick your cock in her mouth Drugs gonna knock her out Blue velvet pills knock her out Bullies gonna knock me out 'less Mama I knock her out

Looks like my mom is in a jam Sittin' with my cock in hand I'm gonna show you the place where I was born ain't it a little warm Just like Kim Kardashian's, my mom's ass is Totally massive

so my cock I pull, it' my biggest secret Mom you gave birth to me,

And now I got a light bulb And when I pull out my blue velvet pill it might go *plop*, Mom's ass on top Riding that big fat cock You to get with, Big ole' dick, and ripped She rides you like a leer jet Not long lastin', I'm blastin' Watching her ass, it's gonna need an aspirin Blue velvet in her wine Your dick in her pussy, you bump and grind

I’m gonna knock her out

I hope these drugs knock her out

Drug her coke, knock her out

Then from my room you walk on out

Drugs gonna knock her out

Blue velvet pills knock her out

That's what I'm talkin' bout

Lord please, let me knock her out

Shadow boxin’ waiting for me by the lunch room do’ I said “oh no!” Don’t try then you will regret your youth here Slip it in her root beer She’s goin’ insane, blue velvet in the vein, released from pain Making sure ‘no’ she won’t be sayin’, or complain Cum falling on her face like rain

Kissin’ Fuckin’ Dickin’ and fillin’ her holes Bust a fat load.

Drugs gonna knock her out Watch and I pull my cock out Bustin’ off in her mouth She rides your cock on my couch I’m gonna knock her out Roofies will knock her out I’m gonna knock her out You fuck her then walk on out I am just a nerd But when I slip a pill, I feel The man of the hour, no longer a coward Mom’s will overpowered I’m gonna tie her up and let you understand That of your lust I’m a fan When I gotta blue pill in my hand Damn! Oooh! Listen to the way it slaps The view Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous the meanness and terror, your payment Fucking my mom from 9 P.M. to 8:10 Bullies (what) Bullies (what) She’s ready (we’re ready) Code Pink, My mom is down Get down Don’t you never, ever Treat me better Cause I explode With a bully in my fetal abode I gotta thank God ‘Cause he gave the fetish to make my cock hard

I’m gonna knock her out No complaints, knock her out Get your cock in her mouth For pullin’ my pockets out Put a sock in her mouth Straddle her face, then crouch Walked in the bar, won’t walk out Drugs in her beer, knock her out

*30 seconds of scratching a record of you cumming*

Oh oh ah aha

oh oh ah

Oh oh ah aha

oh oh ah

Oh oh ah aha

oh oh ah

Oh oh ah aha

oh oh ah

Oh oh ah aha

oh oh ah

Here's a link to the song if you don't know what this is a parody of:

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