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Trading Places

"Get in, sweety" she said with a smile.

You ran up to the car door, feeling the hot metal in your hands. You struggled to get it open, to which your mom giggled over top of you, and once you succeeded, you looked up at your mom in the driver seat. You crawled up on the passenger side and sat there with pride, looking ahead at the idyllic Manhattan street.

"Seatbelt," your mom reminded you. You felt embarrassed for not remembering. You dutifully pulled the belt across you, making a mess of it as well. Your mom giggled. She helped you click it in, her hands soft against yours.

"Okay, then," she said. "Ice cream, and then off to home."

"Remember mom," you butted in, proud to remember, "dad wants vanilla. Just plane-o vanilla." You smiled to yourself, happy to be your dad's little helper.

"Aw yes," your mom responded, "some of that famous plane-o vanilla. Daddy is very creative."

As soon as your mom was about to hit the gas, there was a startling bang on the window. You jumped, almost letting out a little pee as you did.

Standing there was a face you had seen before. It was your mom's friend. Her long dirty blonde hair spilled over her shoulders, framing her double-D breasts. Your mom rolled down the window and said "what now!" in a tone it took you a few seconds to realize was a tone of humor.

"I just thought that maybe instead of getting on the bus with the hobos tugging their you-know-whats, maybe my girl could give me a bit of a lift."

"Get an uber!" your mom shot back, smiled, an stepped on the pedal delicately, looking her friend dead in the eye as the car lurched forward. Your mom's playfulness was not reciprocated.

Her friend yelled out at the front of the car "John! Get out of the way!"

Your mom slammed on the brakes. John, your friend, came out from the blindspot in front of the car.

"Oh my god," your mom said, sounding distressed. "I'm- I'm so sorry."

"What are you doing standing there, you bonehead?" She turned to your mom. "No, no. It's his fault. I told him about blind spots. He doesn't listen."

Your mom sat there, sucking in air and sweating. It was silent for a moment.

"So, I guess this means you owe us a ride," her friend said.

You sat in the back with John and talked about cartoons until you were in the Dairy Queen drive-thru. Your mom spoke to the disembodied voice in the black box, it sounded deep and wild, and before she could even get to the order, you butted in with "remember, dad wants vanilla."

She continued as if you had said nothing at all. "A small vanilla, a small bubblegum. A small cookie dough," she turned to John, "what do you want?"

He just sat there staring until his mom interrupted. "We'll both get chocolate."

"Okay," your mom continued to the voice, "And two small chocolates."

"That'll be $12.74 at the next window," said the strong, deep voice.

"Thank you," your mom said and inched forward slowly. The car ahead of yours had a sticker that said "BLM" on its back window.

"Mommy?" you asked.

"Yes, sweety?" she said, as she inched up further.

"What's BLM?"

"BLM? Umm" she said, absent mindedly. "BLM is Black Lives Matter. B. L. M. You see?" She pointed at each letter on the car ahead as she said it. The white woman driving the car leaned out and grabbed two Blizzards from the window. It was handed to her by a black hand. A black hand not unlike the one on the sticker in her back window.

"Black lives matter?" you asked.

"Yeah," she said. "They're for black rights," she explained.

"Black rights?" you asked.

The car in front of you was driving off.

"Shh, just wait," your mom said, as she rolled down her window.

A black face with a white face-mask stared down at her. He wasn't the first black face you had seen. But something about him made you feel weird. He looked down at your mom, and she didn't say anything. She was silent looking up at him. It was as if she had shrunk.

"$12.74" he boomed, as if he were the customer and she was there to serve him.

"Oh, of course" she said, and scrambled for the money.

As she did, he looked over into the back seat, directly into your eyes. You looked down. It was his eyes. Something about his eyes. She got the money and held up between the window of the car and the window of the red-bricked building. His big, black, steady hand slowly hovered underneath her delicate, white, shaking fist. She let go of the money and he took it, continuing to stare at her as he brought his hand back in near his chest. Then he hit a few keys on the register placed the bill inside and before he could grab anything, your mom said "keep the change."

He turned his head to look at her. She averted her gaze. He then turned around, and when he was back to face your mom, he was holding two chocolate ice creams. He handed each one to her as she handed them to everyone in the car. First John. Then his mom. When she came around to you, you could feel her hand shake as she handed your ice cream to you. As she grabbed for your dad's vanilla, she stepped on the gas, and as she did, your dad's vanilla ice cream fell to the pavement below and went *splat.*

Your mom didn't stop. As your window became parallel with Dairy Queen's, you could see inside. Two young white girls stood there, their big, perky butts in their black workpants, as they stood with a cup under the Blizzard machine. Their faces were red, as if they just did something wrong. One of them looked like she was about to cry. Their boss, a thirty something year old black guy, leaned on the counter behind himself, looking down at them with a smile on his face.

You caught it all in an instant. And those eyes. Those eyes.

The car was silent as you drove out into the parking lot. Everyone licked their ice creams cones without saying a word. Your mom's friend looked over at your mom. Turned back to her ice cream for a few more licks, and then turned back.

"I thought you ordered a cookie dough."

Your mom looked down at her ice cream with her tongue still on it. Attached to her tongue, pressed firm against her taste buds, was the dark texture of chocolate.

The car was silent for another moment.

Your mom snorted.

You all started laughing, lightening the mood, and wiping the slate clean as your mom turned onto the street and drove on down the road.


As you got closer to building and parks that were familiar to you, you started notice those letters again. B. L. M. This time it was on shirts. And if it wasn't on shirts, you would see it on cardboard placards on the end of long sticks. People holding them, many black, a slight majority white. With a few Hispanics and one or two Asians to round it off.

Your mom stopped at a fourway, and as she did, a man holding a large sign that said "If it happened to your kids, you'd be angry too" walked across the street with the sign up in the air. He looked around defiantly as he did, and when he saw the four of you sitting in your car, he stopped dead. He leaned down and looked into your car through the windshield

"Oh what now!" your mom's friend said.

The man looked at all four of you, making sure to make eye-contact, then he pointed at you and John, and looked back and forth between both of your moms, and he pointed up at the sign and yelled out so your mom could hear. "If it was them. You'd be out here with us!"

The car behind your started beeping. The light had gone green. The man was still standing there, staring at your moms. Your mom's friend leaned out of the window, her whole upper half out in the open air. "We know sir. We know. We support you. I was at the protest in May. Me and my husband donate to Black Lives Matter. We're just trying to get home right now." She kept talking, hoping he'd move, but he wouldn't. The car behind was beeping all the while.

He just looked down at her chest. Her porcelain white cleavage illuminated by the orange, setting sun.

He snorted to himself. "Maybe we're too hard on you white folks," he said, not taking his eyes off the two big white focal points of his monologue. "If the roles were reversed, and we owned you, I would have did what Thomas Jefferson done."

Your mom's friend slowly pulled herself back into the car, having no more words to say. The man continued walking. All four of you just watched him as he did, and he rounded the brownstone.


"Fucking move it, lady!" yelled the man in the car behind you.

"What was that black man saying, mommy?" asked John.

"....Uhhm," she said, sounding flustered. "Nothing, babe. It was just a stupid joke."

Your mom took her foot of the brake, stepped on the gas, and turned right.

Standing there, bursting into view, were hundreds of people, from sidewalk to sidewalk, clogging up any possible flow of traffic. Cops stood out in front. Two of them approached your car from either end.

"I can't let you go this way," the black police officer said as he knelt down to talk. "Protestors blocking up traffic again." The white one leaned down and just smiled as he looked your mom's friend up and down. John squirmed in his seat next to you.

"But we just live three block up this way," your mom explained.

"Three blocks?"

"Yeah," your mom said, eager to get home.

He stood up, walked off a few feet, and looked around, clearly trying to think.

"You know," said the kneeling white officer, "there's been reports of an abduction of two young boys."

"That's awful," your mom's friend said.

"Yeah, the two girls who did it were armed and you two fit their description to a tee. Can I ask you to step out of the car?"

"What!?" your mom said.

"You heard me. They were carrying weapons. I just need to give you a patdown."

Your mom's friend leaned back toward your mom, her breasts bounced as she did, exciting the officer further.

"No!" your mom said.

"What's going on?" said the black cop, forcefully as he came back to the car and leaned down to meet his partner's gaze from driver side window to passenger.

"She fits the description of the kidnapper," he explained as he pointed down to her.


"Yeah. The one who took the two kids. It was on the scanner an hour ago, you remember? She was blonde. White. With huge... she was busty." He grabbed the strap of her shirt with his forefinger and thumb and tugged on it, causing her to recoil. "And was wearing a number just like this."

"Jesus Christ, Mac," there are a million people here. With cameras."


"It's shit like this why these idiots here are picketing." He pointed out at the BLM protest choking the streets. "What do you think is going to happen?"

The white officer smiled. "What are you worried about? That they're going to lay us off twice. We're finished." He tugged hard on the string and let it go, snapping at your mom's friend's shoulder. You and John trembled. You couldn't see your mom through her seat. All you could see was the tip of her elbow. You wondered what she was doing.

"We're finished because of cops like you," he snapped through the window. Your mom's elbow jumped at the sudden raise in volume.

"No, no, no. No we're not. We're finished because idiots like this vote that way. We're finished because we're the bad guys. Because their fucking phones tell them we're the bad guys and they believe it."

"If you do this, you are the bad guy."

He snapped back: "I'm the bad guy anyway! We both are. That's what they decided. All of em. This whole city has turned against us."

"They will turn against us if you do this!"

"Are you living in 2015? They're already against us. It's decided. Let the killers roam, and we have to bend the knee and take our replacement by bending over? Fuck that! These are the people responsible. It's because of them that my daughter won't talk to me."

"How do you know who's responsible? We don't know that. We have no idea what they believe."

"Yes we do. I heard it. I saw her hanging out the window yelling it. You did too. Everyone did. You can see these things from a mile away." You could hear your mom suck in air.

The black officer stood there silently, inches away from your mom.

The white officer smiled, calming down, and speaking with that former deliberate tone: "Just let me pull em out. We'll search under and around them, real slow. No one is here to stop us. I search em once. You search em twice for good measure. We can get my sister to call in a kidnapping anonymously after to cover our asses."

Your mom looked up at the black officer, horrified. He was staring off into the crowd blankly, as if they weren't there and he were just looking into the horizon, thinking, with the same expression he had when he was trying to come up with a new route.

"Look at them," said the white officer, pointing down at her heaving chest, her eyes wide with terror above them. "Let's just whip em out and see em. They took our pension from us, this is the least we can do to recoup.

The black officer looked back over at his partner. Everything was silent. Even the sounds of the bullhorns down the street felt quiet over the heartbeat of anticipation. Every mouth was dry and everyone sucked in air through airways rattling with adrenaline. Even you and John felt it, though you had no idea why you should. The air wasn't right.

The black officer looked down at the woman in question. "Okay," he said, authoritatively but neutrally, "what I need you to know is, if you scream, or resist in any way, it's going to be trouble. This is a big car. We have ways of finding drugs in big cars. Drugs you've never even seen in your life."

Her eyes went wide as she hummed in place of a shriek.

"Oh, this is gonna be good," said the white officer and he grabbed for your mom's friend's shirt.

Your mom screamed "No!" and stepped on the gas.

The cops disappeared, but so did John's mom's shirt, right out the window, leaving her large breasts in their white bra jiggling freely as your mom rocketed the car forward. A white girl in the crowd ahead shrieked with terror at the car that came out of nowhere and appeared to be aimed, at full speed, at the most dense part of the gathering.

The cloud of mostly black faces, peppered with some white and light brown, parted before you. Luckily no one was hit. But just as quickly as the crowd parted, they came back together again, dozens of terrified faces now morphing into anger as they came to the windows all around you. You and John's windows were rolled up, angry fists and boots hitting the glass as you screamed, the breath of terror coating once side of the glass and the breath of rage the other, but your moms weren't so lucky. A swarm of black fists came in through their open windows and began to punch them in the back of their heads and grab at them. Your mom managed to roll up her window before they could pull her out, but your mom's friend, who was now shrieking in absolute fear, was successfully being dragged from the car through the narrow opening where glass should have been. Her bra was tugged off completely, and her giant white breasts were now swinging around freely and being grabbed at, with her pink nipples in stark contrast to their black hands.

John watched his mom being punched and groped. He watched as they ripped away her skirt and she screamed "Nooooo!" in a way that came from the gut, not the throat or chest. Gargly and monstrous. One of them men tore down his own loosely fitting pants and boxers, and what you saw fall out made your jaw drop. She disappeared into the black swarm, leaving only her bra, skirt, underwear and a flip flop on the pavement. The other flip flop was sitting on the passenger seat.

John could see the sole of his mom's porcelain white foot sticking out of what was otherwise a chocolate colored mass. "Mommmy!" he yelled, and struggled at the door handle. Then he ran out of the car, leaving the door swinging open. More protestors reached inside, using the open back door, their dark arms inches away from where you were sitting, to hit the lock on the front door, giving them a way to get in at your mom.

The first one to come in from the passenger seat had no pants. Your jaw dropped again at whatever it was that was coming out of his waist and swinging freely through your car. "Cops can't help you now, Karen" he taunted, which could be heard still over the cacophony of a million other deep, angry and excited voices.

The man grabbed at your mom's kneecaps, as two other came in from the back, and more smashed at your back window. Your mom's leg was lifted in the air, not allowing her to step on the gas. She used her left leg to do so, and as she did, the man, struggling to stay in the now-moving vehicle, tugged at her right thigh, causing her to turn the wheel and curve right

Your mom's focus was entirely on the man touching her, and she had no sense of what was in front of her at all, as she struggled to get her leg loose.

Your mom's friend, who now had a man between her legs, with his huge cock thrusting in and out of her insides. Her breasts, face and thighs were now all sticky with cum and spit, and another young man was straddling her chest, with his ass in her face, trying to get her to eat it. Instead she was turned to look at her son, who was trying to run toward her. The big black ass sat on the side of her white face, pinning it to the pavement.

"Mommy!" yelled John as he got closer. Suddenly, without warning, your mom's car passed at full speed and John went rolling underneath its tires and out of view. His mom knew. And she turned to look up at the sky, but all that was there waiting for her, was a black ass, which now came down on her to envelope her face, the outsides of each of her cheeks touching the insides of each of his. And her whole world was covered in darkness.

Your mom, oblivious to the world around her, kicked at her attacker, as the one in the backseat was now gaining a foothold to be able to grab at her too. You sat, hunched up in the corner, unable to move, not knowing what to do. The only thing that grabbed your mom's attention from outside of the car was that white police officer, standing there, looking at her with a smile on his face. Waving as you passed.

And that was the last thing she seen before hitting the wall around central park and smashing through it.


"Sweety," she said as she handed you lemonade next to the pool.

"Yeah mom?"

"Sweety," she said, looking down at you, under a big, pink hat and funny sunglasses.

You opened your eyes to your mom, hair disheveled, standing over you with smoke billowing over her head.

"Sweety! You're alright!" she said and hugged you.

You looked over to see your car upside down, with its hood on fire. The two black men inside the car just laid there, motionless.

"Oh, sweety," your mom screamed. "I thought I lost you."

You looked over her shoulder as she hugged you to see one of the men stirring.

"Mommy," you said.

"Yes, sweety," she said with her eyes closed, holding you tight. "What is it?"

"Mommy," you said, as he started to open his eyes.

Your mom turned around and saw him. She snatched you up into her arms and began running. The air around you was cool, unlike the heavy, thick heat around the protestors. The sun was already gone, and the sky was in purple twilight. Your mom ducked into a bush, and moments later, the two men passed her and went down the path. You both waited a bit, silently, and when it became obvious that they wouldn't double back, she stood up and headed with you to the bathrooms.

The females bathroom had someone yelling in it incoherently., so your mom stood outside the men's room, listening for noise. And when none came, she took you inside. The bathroom was empty. She took you to the sink to wash your face. When you saw yourself in the mirror, it was quite the shock. Your hair was a mess and you looked like a ghost.

"Am I okay, mommy?" you asked.

"Yes, you're okay, my darling," she said as she washed the back of your neck.

"Am I a ghost?"

"No," she said and laughed. "You're right here with me. Safe and sound."

Suddenly, there was a noise. It was two deep voices from outside. She grabbed you and ran to the stall and put you down to to lock the door. Then she picked you up again and stood on the toilet seat, whispering in your ear to stay quiet. "It'll all be alright," she said. "I'm here." You floated off the ground in her arms.

The two deep voices were then just outside, and suddenly, they echoed within the bathroom walls. You trembled on your mom's lap, and somehow, she had the strength to not tremble, rattling the toilet seat.

You could see through the crack as one of the men stood in front of the mirror. He pulled down his sweatpants, and his big thing fell out. He grabbed it in his fist and tugged on it until it stood up at attention. It was huge. And it looked angry. Your mom's arms trembled and her teeth rattled. You could swear you heard a little squeak come out. He examined himself. "You ever hit a snow bunny before?"

"No," the other one said as he entered the stall next to yours. "That'll change tonight," he said, over the stream of his own piss.

"She gone," said the other one as he massaged his balls. "We shoulda stayed and waited for the Dolly Parton big titty ass bitch. That was on some Baywatch shit."

"Listen," he said, as the sound of his piss hitting toilet water was replaced by the sound of his piss hitting toilet seat and tank. "My cousin has a tec 9. Got it from his Colombian connect. Me, you and him can go to crown heights, rape a Jew bitch. Cops are busy all over the city. We can do what we want."

"A Jew bitch?" he said as he let his cock fall and hit his thigh. "Don't they have magic powers or some shit?"

"No, we do," the other one said as he zipped up his pants. "We the real Jews anyway."

The other one looked back at his potential accomplice, his eyes passing over the crack you and your mother could see him through. "You a Hebrew Israelite"

"Not necessarily," said the other one, as he stepped out of the stall and into view. "I just been reading a lot. Y'know, living on this continent with these devils is hell. You know that, right? They actually devils. They'll gun us down in cold blood, our kids too, and then give themselves a medal for it. And then when we complain, they call us the savages. Just like they did to the Indians. Both of em Indians. Dot and feather. Just like they do over the whole earth. We're in their cage, man. You can't escape em, even if you try. But they fear us, you know that right? They fear us more than we fear them. Like bears and shit. We're stronger, we're more brave. They try to kill us with fast food, but we won't die. They try to kill us with liquor and drugs, but we won't die. They put guns in our community, both legal and illegal, and we won't die. And you know what they fear most?"

The other one is staring at him, fascinated by where he will go next. "No, what?"

"That beautiful piece you have there." He points down at the other one's hard cock. "It's one thing if we could force em. They'd fear that from any nigga. But us blacks, if we force their wives and daughters, we violating parts of em they never even knew existed. One family, all in they living room. In they' house. Where they safe. No crime. No sirens. No bill collectors or junkies. And two, three niggas step in. Their daughter's pale skin the first thing on their mind. And what we packin' is number two. Big black cock in your living room. Mommy' face in the living room too. White people can do the math, they have all the good schools. They kept us out of them cuz they don't want us to know our power. They keep us killn' our own so we don't start killin' them. They get us to raid each other homes and rape each other because they don't want us in they' neighborhoods, raping them. If they played nice at the start, we wouldn't be raping nobody. But now it's too late to say sorry. We askin' them to say sorry and they driving cars into us. So every time you find one, you make em feel our pain. They's gonna be a minority soon, anyway. Bring the ese's and the A-rabs in, let em join in on our fun. All of em suffered under these devils. So now they'll understand. They day is comin'. And the bigger the giant, the bigga the fall. And when that giant white goddess, as high as the sky, blocking out the sun, fall, we'll be on her from her pink toes up past her flat ass and big tits with the pink nipples and all the way to the top of her straight blonde hair."

The other one just stood there, tugging on his giant cock. And then he finally spoke. "Nigga. I'm about ready to storm the suburbs wit you. Put this motherfucka to good use on the cause of revenge. On some William Wallace, Nat Turner Shit. Let's fuckin' go." He pulled up his sweatpants over the "motherfucka" in question.

Your mom's arms trembled as she held you. Her breathing was heavy but quiet.

"Just wait, let me call my cuz and see what's up." He pulled out his phone and put it to his ear.

The other one pulled his sweatpants down again, and with his cock now fully hard, begin making humping motions in the air as practice. You and your mom could see his side-profile as he watched himself in the mirror. It was as if he were built by nature to thrust with the perfect rhythm and speed. Your mom's teeth rattled in her closed mouth out of the fear that she wouldn't be able to keep it closed, lest that thing be shoved inside it.

The other man disappeared from the crack, just as his brother picked up. "Yo, you down to hit a lick? Where? In the suburbs. Ha ha ha. Yeah, crazy like a fox, maybe." Suddenly, there was a thud against your bathroom stall door. Your mom jumped. He was leaning on it with his palm. "Cops? The cops is out cracking skulls of protestors and white college ass niggas with signs. They too busy teargassing babies to stop us on the other side of town."

The door banged again as he leaned his whole body into it. You could see his feet under the door. He was missing a shoe. "We scope out the place first. We find one with nice big windows and the lights on so we can see inside. Try to find one with all women, or one man we can tie up. No, not burglary, nigga. We movin' up. Home invasion now. We'll have mothers and daughters. Have em do a human centipede in the living room. Yeah, man. It's all for pussy. P.R.E.A.M."

The pressure came off the door and he appeared in the crack again. "You'll never believe what happened to us today. We was at the protest, minding our own business when these two white bitches came at us in a car. Really. They had they sons in the car and everything. Ha ha, no. The police ain't arresting no white bitches. No, they pulled one of them out of the car, big titty bitch. It's probably on worldstar about now. We tried to get the other bitch, but she peeled off. We had to get out of there quick and couldn't watch the other one get the pipe. Just saw her white titties coming out. She hollered like a white bitch in those racist cartoons callin' for the KKK when they pulled her out the window. I'm horny and ready to take out another one, and I got a friend with me willing to do the same. So you ready to do this? Yeah? Okay, let's get to it. See you in an hour. Peace cuz, see you soon."

He hung up the phone. "Put that cock away, nigga. Save it for the snow bunnies."


They both headed for the doorway.

Suddenly, a black woman stepped out and stood there blocking it. Her hair was disheveled and her clothes torn. "You niggas already done with the white bitch?"

Your mom's arms tensed up around you.

"You done raping her?"

"What white bitch you talkin' 'bout?"

"The white bitch who came in here with her kid. I was in the girl's bathroom and I could hear her talking to him."


"What do you mean when, nigga? Just before you came. Don't play stupid wit me. I ain't no snitch. Did you flush her skinny ass down the toilet or what? Prolly not. I don't smell no whet dog in here."

One of the men turned his head, and looked right at the stall you were both hiding behind. Your mom started to breathe hard.

"Please tell me you fucked that cracka bitch and made her boy watch it. I live for pretty crackas gettin ' dick. They gentrified me out of my neighborhoodd, that's why I sleep in the park bathroom at night. Three weeks later they shot my son for playing with a cap gun. Cop got scott and I got nobody for it."

"That was you?" the other guy asked.

"It was. If we don't fight back it'll be all of us soon. Crackas is like pail demons. Have been since the beginning. That's why they brought us here. Les make em regret it for they kill the rest of us."

The other one slowly approached the stall door, and your mom, trembling, slipped off the toilet seat, making a loud thud. And almost as soon as she did, she began crying out, "Stop! No!" before he even opened the door.

Instead he just stopped in front of it, and his belt buckle started to rattle. And then his pants fell to the floor tiles, making a clang. He got down on his knees, which you watched him do through the space under the door. And when he got down there, he suddenly peeked his hard dick underneath. Your mom shrieked gutterally. "Stop!" In response, he began gyrating his hips around so his cock swayed in a circular motion. Your mom responded with a pathetic groan.

And before you both had knew it, the other one jumped up and pulled himself over the top of the stall in two motions, his pants completely gone, falling on top of your mom, with his naked pelvis and cock shaft hitting her in her shoulder. You fell to the ground and crawled out from under the door as soon as you realized that the other one had given you room to leave. The stall was opened from the inside, and you watched as you whimpering mom was stripped of her pants in the open doorway. The other one came up from behind.

Your mom falls to the her knees, terrified, as the homeless woman laughs. "Now," says the one outside the stall, as he stands just inches from her head. "This would be the part of the movie where the cop comes in and shoots us. There's no way you, miss white woman is gonna see any part of a strange black cock in her mouth. Bigger than your hubbies. Big and jet black with our scary, dark faces over you smiling down at you as you take it. There's no way it can happen to you, can it? Someone is gonna come in and save you. A cop. A redneck with a shotgun. White Jesus. Somebody. Your life story can't have a chapter where you get facefucked by black dick in front of your own son. It would just be so cruel and unfair. And when does cruel and unfair shit happen to anyone? Anyone white that is?"

You looked at their big things as your mom whimpered on the floor. They looked so strange and alien next to your mom's face. You didn't know they existed 2 hours ago. And now here they were inches from your mom's head.

"Let's give the hero of this story time to make his entrance. Okay:


He looked over at the door bathroom entrance, which currently stood empty.


The other one jerked his cock off inches behind her.


Your mom said "Oh god..."


"She's calling on white Jesus," the homeless woman said enthusiastically.


"Don't make my son watch," your mom pleaded.


"Said the black man who was shot by the pigs," said one of the men.


"Maybe if you make us nut with your hand and mouth, we won't go any further."


"So you best give us your all."


"How many men you been with?"


"Just one," she said, and began balling.

"0," he said. He looked down at your mom and smiled.

He thrusted his cock into her mouth. "You've officially been blacked."

The other one grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick. "Do good enough and there won't be a phase 2. Put on a show for your son. Show him what you do for his daddy. But on us.

Your mom could smell the sweat from the day's marching and chase on them closeup. She stared into the forest of his black pubes closeup before being grabbed by the other one to service his cock and balls. She had now been with more black men officially than white men.

The ridge around their cockheads pulled at the roof of her mouth as they pulled back. The crevice at the bottom of their dickheads filled with her tongue. Everything was supersized and freakishly large, like some kind of practical joke was happening on her taste buds and chin. Occasionally they removed themselves, grunting, and got her to lick their thighs, cock and sternum. "Kiss this blackness all over, baby. Make me cum. Or else we're coming for that pink pussy."

She tried her best, but it was all in vain. She had spent the last several minutes servicing them with real effort, even through the tears, to no avail. Phase 2 incoming.

You watched in awe as the giant black monster disappeared inside her body as he thrusted inward, and reappeared within the bathroom as he pulled back. She was being filled with that thing through some weird hole in her. You were afraid it was hurting her, especially early on as she whimpered from it. But as time went on, the whimpering stopped. And the monsters went in and out of her with less effort.

Your fear subsided, only to come back again when they lifted her off the ground.

She looked strange the way she was now. It was as if she were a different person but the same. For some reason you thought of daddy now as you watched. They were so different from daddy but your mom was the same.

After a while, the one holding her head up pulled her deeper between her legs, then he pulled her up until her face was in his ass. "Eat it!" he said. Tears fell down from her obscured face over her ears and then to the ground. "Eat it, bitch!" Her cheeks started to move and you could hear her tongue lapping. "Want some soul food?" he asked.

His accomplice thought he was talking to him. "Naw, man. I"m alr-"

Brrrrraaaaaappppp went his ass on your mom's face. Your mom whimpered within.

After they were done with that position, they found a way to hold your mom up in a way that looked like a magic trick. Like something from the circus. One of them knelt down to her as she got fucked.

He just stared at her tearful face as he tugged his big black monster. Then he said "hanging on by a thread."

"Uhhhhhh" your mom groaned.

"He let's go of your arms, you fall face-first to the ground. He lets you slip off his knees, there go your arms. Your seconds away from disaster at all times, and on top of it you gettin' fucked. That's what it is to be black in America. Remember that."

"Your lucky I like your boy," said the woman behind you, startling you. "Otherwise I'd take him out the way your people took out mine." Your mom's tears fall to the ground and black cock below as she balled. The woman continued. "But we not animals like you. We have respect for human life. Learn something from us."

The kneeling one stood up and pressed his cock along your mom's thin lips while still tugging on himself. Then he said "your life matters. Your son's life matters. We just asking for the same courtesy." Thick streams of cum exited his hard dick and coated your mom's face, one thick rope at a time. He grunted with satisfaction as they came. Then, finishing his interrupted thought, he said "understand?"

Your mom nodded through the cum and tears. And just as she did, you all heard "Ohhhh, I'm about to nut!" from the other one, and he finished himself off inside of her. She just stared dead ahead, drenched in cum, sweat and tears. Then her face scrunched up through it all, and more tears came.


They left her on knees on the ground as they zipped up. "You still down for Crown Heights?"

"Naw, man. One snow bunny is enough for a lifetime."

"My cousin's gonna be so disappointed."

They left the bathroom laughing.

The woman just had one more thing to say. "You know," she said thoughtfully, "this is what you used to do to us."

Your mom, still on her knees, silent.

"So now you know what it's like."

Your mom's eyes welled up further.

"Now that you know, do you think you'll be better?" she asked, in a curious tone deprived of all anger or judgement.

Your mom stared off into space for a bit more, before gaining focus again, and nodding her head up and down and then staring down at her thumbs.

"It had to happen to someone," the woman said soberly. "I'm sorry it was you."

After some more silence she continued:

"Treat this little angel here with all the respect and love you can. Do it for people like me who can't no more."

Your mom looked up at her and locked eyes. "I will," she said, sternly and seriously. It was a humble gesture toward the woman before her. Then she looked over at you.

The woman, before crying in front of a white woman, opted to leave.

You and your mom stood in the silent bathroom, having no idea what to do next.

The night air spilled inside through the door, dispersing the body heat and cooling your flesh, and the distant sounds of sirens and close-by sounds of crickets in the grass spilled in with it. Your mom got up and began cleaning herself off in the sink. Then she put her clothes back on. Only then, did she come up and hug you.

"I love you so much," she said, and held you tightly. "You mean the world to me."

She held your hand and you both headed outside. She walked with a limp and you could tell she was sore. She sighed, the only silver lining, relief that it was all over.

Just as you exited from under the overhang, and the moon shone down on the two of you, you heard "I found her!"

You both looked over to see a figure standing in the dark. Your mom grabbed your shoulder and pulled you closer as the figure approached. You could see something glimmer in the darkness on his chest. As he got closer, you could see it was a badge.

"Here's our little killer."

It was the cop from earlier. The black one. When he got close, he grabbed your mom by the back of her head and wrist and pulled her. You came with her in her arms.

Not too deep into the treeline, you saw a cop car siting there. And beside it, you saw your mom's friend, staring ahead over the roof of the car, expression blank and lifeless. Behind her was the white cop from earlier, bumping into her aggressively from behind. When he saw the two of you, he just lifted his hand and waved as you came closer to the car, not missing a beat with his bumping.

You were herded into the back seat of that car. "uh uh, little one gets to go in first. Let's give him a front row seat. As you were pushed into the car, you saw your friend's mom's breasts, bare and flat against the window pane. Her nipples continually flat, with the area around it expanding and contracting in flatness with each thrust of the cop behind her. You were pushed deeper into the seats, your mom behind you, until you were face to face with the comic sight before you.

After he pushed you in, he closed the door and headed to the front seat. John's mom's boobs made err err err err noises on the glass next to your head.

He closed the driver side door, and immediately turned around. "Okay!" he said and pulled down at his pants. Then he got up and mounted the center console, facing the back seat, and presented his big black monster. It was the biggest one of the night and it was now just a foot from your mom's face.

"Okay," he continued, "you're just my type. I've been feeling on you since you made that right turn. That's why I let my friend have your friend there." He pointed at the flattened double D's on the glass next to you. "I knew fate would bring us together like this." His cock twitched as he said it. "Because not only can you do something that would mean the world for me." He thrusted his hips out subtly as he said that. "But I can do something that will mean the world for you. Not just for you. But for your boy here too. And your - I assume you're married - husband. Are you married?"

Your mom nodded apprehensively.

"Okay, good. Because you did a baaaad thing tonight." He began stroking his cock. Your mom looked down at it. It was something she was familiar with at this point, though tit was the first time she had seen this one in particular. "I won't tell you what that bad thing is. Not yet. But oh boy, is it bad. So bad, it's going to feel like a nightmare when I tell you."

Your mom just glared at the cock twitching in front of her.

"And this bad thing. Well, it can lead to jail time, or it can lead to nothing at all. The choice is mine. So do you know what you have to do?"

Your mom just nodded her head, and with very little coaxing, your mom leaned forward and took the big black monster into her mouth. She cupped the balls and licked them and licked around the cock head, all while the cop grunted and moaned. "It's nice being appreciated for once." She worked her way up and down the shaft with her tongue. She understood the nature of the beast now, and was without desperation or fear in dealing with it. 11 years of experience with your dad's now being used on his, with some minor alterations to adjust for size. Her mouth filled with it, and her face dwarfed by it.

You looked behind you to see that your mom's friend was now on her knees, tits fresh with cum, and now she was being urinated on. Her face showed no reaction at any of it, even as her closed eyelids twitched at the urine stream.

You felt the car shift, so you turned around to see the black cop coming into the back seat and on top of your mom. He lifted your mom's legs up and got between them. He leaned in to kiss her on her neck and chin, and she let him. "I'll protect you, my white little rabbit," he said, as he kissed her and thrusted passionately. "Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I adore you so much. I need you. I need you." He kissed her, his big, juicy black lips on her white forehead and eyebrows.

Your mom's phone slipped from her discarded pants between you. You could see on its face that your dad had texted her. "Where are you guys?"

Your mom's white flesh sweated next to it, as the cops glistening black skin pumped into her. "Oh god, oh god! You belong to me!" he said, panting and broken, as his thrusts took on a hypnotic circular motion. "This white flesh, it's all mine. Your green eyes and this tight little white body. It's mine! It's mine! All for me" Your mom just looked up at him. No emotion. No judgement at all. Neither for him or herself or the world around them.

Your mom's phone vibrated. You looked down at it. Its face bright. Your dad had texted again.

Your mom's pale legs were up in the air, with her bare porcelain feet resting on onyx black shoulders, flapping up an down with each powerful, African thrust.

You looked down at your father's text:

"I just want my vanilla ice cream. Lol."

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Barry Aran
Barry Aran
07 dic 2023

Amazing. The most fucked up thing to ever make me hard. I absolutely love how the black people are portrayed, and the descriptions of what the mob did. If you make more content focused on race, this is the way to go.

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