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Mom's ass as a source for hope and motivation in the lives of Gen Z

It's pretty clear. The world is changing and young people are angry. Housing is too expensive, jobs too scarce, our degrees worthless, the gap between rich and poor growing, and the dating market for most young men cruel. The future is looking bleak in these and many other measurable ways. And as a result, a feeling of helplessness and moral grayness sits thick in the air.

So we stay at home with our mothers, unemployed, over-educated, broke and kissless. We instead play video games, pretending to be men we aren't, and watch porn, pretending to fuck women we can't. All of this while a small fraction of men live the lives we wished we could, and get their cocks sucked by a majority of the girls. And these men are the bullies, literally the ones who shoved us into lockers in school. We were told that they would get their comeuppance. Every movie, every song, every book, told us this. It told us that we could be the heroes.

To quote Bob Dylan and his aptly named song It's Alright, Ma:

"Advertising signs that con You into thinking you're the one That can do what's never been done That can win what's never been won Meantime life outside goes on All around you"

But our moment in the sun never comes. We have been passified until it's too late and now we can't fight back. And our cocks need attention, so we watch porn. And we worship at the altar of the female body. And the porn makes us feel like anything is possible. But it's a trick. Women really aren't like that. Though they could be. They could be so easily.

And our anger continues to build. So we watch Pornstar Punishment for a little release. And then that gets taken away under the mistaken notion that it's anti-women. But it can't be anti- women. You watched it, and you love women. But no one is asking you your opinion.

And then, there you are. Weak, poor, defenseless, unattractive and sexually frustrated. And you notice that you only have one thing in your life that anyone cares about. One thing that makes people think about you, if even for a fleeting moment. Your mom's ass.

Which, by the way, is not unlike the bodies of the pornstars you spend every night jerking off to. Your mom, the only thing in this cold world that hasn't abandoned you. Your mom, and her fat, delicious ass. And then you realize that the power you have over that ass, living under the same roof as it, with the woman attached to it trusting you more than anything, is much more than any power you exercise in any other aspect of your life by an order of magnitude.

You have a phone camera don't you? You have her ear. You have access to her unguarded drinks. You have her trust and her secrets and the inside scoop. You can tell her anything, and she'll believe it. You can hide your phone in a bag and put it in her room. She won't notice. You can hand her that iced tea and give her a wink and a smile, and she'll drink it. And that's when you feel it. True power. For the first time in your life.

And you go on the websites, and you see an army of people who think like you are growing. And hidden camera videos of moms are cheered on and encouraged, their sons heralded as heroes for doing it. And stories not unlike the things you fantasize about doing are made to lionize the thought of doing it. A community is built with the sole social capital being how hot your mom is and how much of her you are willing to give up.

And more of the words of that aptly titled Bob Dylan song come to your mind:

"You lose yourself, you reappear You suddenly find you got nothing to fear Alone you stand with nobody near When a trembling distant voice, unclear Startles your sleeping ears to hear That somebody thinks they really found you"

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