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My Best Stories of 2020 (As Voted on by You)

Another year, another round of stories. I’m going to avoid stating the obvious about 2020, as I think we’re all tired of hearing it. Besides that, it’s obvious that with all the subreddits and forums, this fetish hasn’t taken a hit in the past year at all. And I’m happy to say that my stories haven’t either. I’ve had fun writing these and I’ve been heartened by all the great reactions to them. Thank you to everyone who voted. Some of the results were expected, so much so that waiting for your votes felt like waiting for the inevitable. But at the same time, there were many stories I’ve written this year that have proven to be much more popular than I had realized.

There were 16 stories this year. 14 out of 16 of them were non-consent stories. 2 out of 16 involved voyeurism. In all of the stories, the mom gets fucked.

As for the models I’ve used this year, Alexis Texas has only been used once for the first time ever. I didn’t plan for this to happen. Nor do I plan for it to happen again. She is, and always will be, my main muse. Some other examples of my usual suspects who didn’t make the cut this year were Rose Monroe, Diamond Kitty, AJ Applegate and Esperanza Gomez.

But in their place, I was able to welcome bluvelvet newcomers Mandy Muse and Riley Reid to the family. I look forward to running their bodies through the ringer with more content inspired by them (Muse especially). Recurring models this year were Kelsi Monroe and Phoenix Marie, whose glorious and distinct asses were both in two stories each, and Lexi Belle, who was used a wopping three times, including in two of the best stories I’ve ever written, making her the star of my blog in 2020, and someone who I’m eternally greatly for.

The past year wouldn’t have had the same flavor without her. That accomplishment is even more impressive when you consider she did it all without much of an ass to speak of, making her nothing like my very own mom, the woman whose ass inspired this blog, yet she was able to milk three stories from out the deepest depths of my imagination and into the public forum called eternity, even as phenomenal asses like Kelsie Monroe’s, Phoenix Marie’s, Ryan Conner’s, Julie Cash's, Blondie Fesser’s, Sophie Dee’s, Jada Steven’s, Mandy Muse’s, Kendra Lust’s, and the Queen of Ass herself, Alexis Texas’s, all duked it out in the ring to find that top spot. And while they did that, Lexi Belle and Riley Reid just giggled naked, sitting next to me, heads on my shoulders, as I wrote them into greatness. How did their stories fare in the poll? You’ll have to read it to find out.

As for this year’s themes, many of my classics return. The wonder and aggravation brought on by the female body, the differences in psychology between men and women, the drive to make up for a past disappointment, and the victory of lust over love. On top of that, many of my lesser used themes took more of a prominent role this year. The differences between pre-modern and modern society, the value and consequences of superstition and religion, spirituality, privilege, mortality and aging, and the ever-constant possibility of redemption.

In a way, these have been some of my most hopeful stories. While some of them are designed to leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth, others end in a way that’s surprisingly redemptive, as if I was trying to remind my readers, but really remind myself, that the problems of today would pass, and things really were going to get better. And I think that’s true. And with this fetish, there are amazing things to come.

So without further ado, here is your list of my best stories of 2020: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

16) 04/01/20

Votes: 3 Percent: 4% Coming in in last place, and probably correctly so, is my story which was supposed to be an April Fool’s Joke, one which nobody cared about or thought was clever. I’d chalk up the 3 votes for this one as protest votes, but recently I had a conversation with a follower who genuinely loved this story. His explanation as to why was because there was something so raw and visceral in its simplistic caveman prose, and it’s lack of coherent storytelling and its cartoonish surrealism gave it a feeling of liquid id, not too dissimilar in its in its meaty juiciness from Julie Cash’s ass itself. I can kind of see that follower’s point. This story isn’t smart, clever, or refined. It’s a complete goon fest, and one that’s happening at the expense of the mother within. And a mom being made into a joke is something that I think is always worth celebrating. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

15) But a Cog in his Empire

Votes: 5 Percent: 6% This story was definitely a little bit indulgent on my part. It’s structure and poetical style is influenced by Faust, even using the devil character from that story in a way similar to how he was used in the original epic poem. While my stories always had a Faustian element to them, this is the story that made that metaphor as literal as possible. It also dabbles in my common theme of dark and light being complimentary to one another, even maybe the same once you dig deep enough into either. Interestingly enough, this is the only story this year that I’ve written using my favorite muse, Alexis Texas. I’m glad I could squeeze her fat as into my 2020 lineup. I’m also happy at least some people appreciated this one, as I am proud of the rhymes and rhyme schemes that I was capable of, and how I could tell the story entirely through poetry. And even if I set those selfish concerns for my own ability aside, there is something extremely hot to me in wrapping a mother’s fate up into the tight rules of a rhyming poem. The methodical nature of it all serving as sort of a cage for the mom’s naked and pure self, for which she can’t escape, leaving no room for her to dodge fate itself.


14) Pale Horse

Votes: 8 Percent: 10% One of my favorite things about this fetish, and about short stories in general, is how easy they are to use to tap into topical subjects (this will come up again much later on in this list). As of right now, is there anything as topical to the moment as a worldwide virus and its consequences? I decided early on that I wouldn’t pull punches with this story, even though I knew this subject was an extremely serious one. But this fetish lends itself to the darkest aspects of life. It’s a way of channeling injustice, whether its derived from man or nature, into something beautiful and miraculous. The ending, which I knew would hit too close to home for some readers, would be the cherry on top for others. The story is fundamentally about finding power in powerlessness. It’s general emotional thrust is similar to that of Cheeks, but whereas Cheeks’ consistent focus on that theme made it an all-time classic, this one just turned out to be an extremely solid entry that maybe will seem bizarre in a few years when COVID-19 is behind us.


=11) The Bald Truth

Votes: 9 Percent: 11%

This one was a story about sharing beauty with one's mom. Tonally, the story is all over the place, but I find that the sudden shift in gears as they approach the stranger’s house, mom in tow, is actually a sobering moment. The most impressive part of this story is the way that it sets up the son’s suffering, using loss specifically as the source of that suffering, and in doing so, setting up the justice of what comes afterward. In this story, like so many of my stories, the mom is the villain specifically because of qualities most would associate with positives. She’s kind, she’s supportive, and she loves unconditionally. But that only lead to a living hell for the protagonist. In the end, the mom is punished for the effect of her behavior, not for the intent, which is often at odds with effect. The cold hard divide between what people want to be true, and what actually is true, is perfectly exemplified by how the mom starts her day, and where she ends up by the end of it all.


=11) The Idiot Box

Votes: 9 Percent: 11% The last two stories I’ve listed, this one, and the two after this are all similar in one regard: They are all built off of basic gimmicks and straightforward themes. Because of that, these stories, though all really good, do have an art museum-like feel to them. They’re anything but sterile in terms of plot and theme, but in terms of atmosphere and feel, there’s something very mechanical about them. This would be a huge flaw if it weren’t for the fact that my stories in the second half of this year had far more individual character and flavor. Because of that, these 5 stories, including this one, were an interesting period of writing for me. This story especially. The central thesis of this one was that television was a new religion, and a not very good one. The story is about celebrating the depth and diversity of experience that existed before television and the printing press, and that seems to be re-emerging anew with the internet. And fundamentally, this tale, like all of them before and after it, is a celebration of the female body and the treasure trove of pleasures and possibilities it is and a repudiation of anything that drags us away from those pleasures and possibilities that lie so close within our grasp.


=11) Print the Legend

Votes: 9 Percent: 11%

Another one referencing the dreaded virus that ruined 2020 for many of us. This one is much more full of hope though, at least as far as a foreseeable end to this thing goes. Not so much when it comes to hope for human nature, or that justice is inherit in existence itself, and not just a preference inside our minds. The son in this one becomes an agent for that injustice, which isn’t unusual. But his mean-spiritedness in many ways is. The title of this one is a reference to the famous line in the film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which is said in reference to characters discovering an unfortunate truth by the end of the film, and deciding to go with what they preferred to believe. At the end of the day, the jock was the perfect hero for the story of who saved humanity, as well as the perfect fit for rolling around naked with the lead son’s mom. You can be as big a genius as you want, and fight tooth and nail to defeat whatever you like with whatever science or skill you have at your disposal, but the truth remains: The brain may be mightier than brawn. But the written word is the mightiest of all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10) Ass Burgers

Votes: 10 Percent: 12%

In contradiction to the story before it, this one is about the mind itself winning. The story starts out, almost immediately, with the mom being bested. You’re introduced to her by the image of her naked ass, which you know has been secretly recorded without her knowledge. Her lack of control in the story, and her being immediately clipped onto the track set for her by her son’s mathematically prime urges, make it feel as if it couldn’t have happened any other way. As the mom leave the house, again completely oblivious to her son’s machinations, he does even more and gloats to himself about doing as much, and then when she comes back, he capitalizes with a cherry on top. As he watches his work, he feels the need to gloat again, this time openly, and the only person within earshot, instead of sharing in his enthusiasm, instead calls him a retard. The inertia of it stings. But not too much that we as the readers can’t recognize the son’s genius, even if nobody else in his life does.


9) Piece of Ass vs. Peace of Mind

Votes: 11 Percent: 13% For me, this is the point in the list where we’re starting to get to the really good stuff. Not that the stuff before this isn’t good, just that those stories tended to be mechanical, as I’ve said before, and lacking in individual character and feel, even if they made up for it in focusing on a central idea. But the stories from the second half of 2020 like this one were a return to the harder to place or water-down psychological stories that I usually end up liking best. This one uses the familiar caterpillar becoming a butterfly structure. The mom’s sanctity is a limiting factor to the son, one which he begrudges. The mom’s ass, the beads of sweat that drip down it, are the source of the beads of sweat that drip down the son’s forehead. The story’s highest moment, it’s fist-pumping conclusion, involves the son freely urinating in a sink. The story is fundamentally about liberation. Liberation from fear, from second-guessing, from apprehension, and from mediocrity. And as the son sits alone at that table you can feel the weight of that mom-shaped albatross, in the sense that you finally know how heavy that load was now that it’s lifted.


=7) Heaven on Earth

Votes: 14 Percent: 17%

This one was a precursor to Oil and Water in a sense, as it differentiates between pure and wholesome sexual desire and that of a more violating kind. Much like But a Cog in His Empire, the story is about the thin line between heaven and hell. But also about the short distance between life and what comes after it, and the glimpses of whatever that is, seen, through a glass darkly, in our day to day experiences. The scene at the pool, with all its thrashing limbs and desperation, mirrors exactly the son’s fantasy of his mom in hell, eternally crowd surfing the sea of limbs and erect penises. And the, in comparison, much more quaint fucking she gets in the bedroom by the janitor feels as pure as if it were happening on one of heaven’s clouds. The moment where the mom orgasms while being fucked by the janitor is an assurance to the reader that everything that happened to her before that moment is at least conceivably justified. And the comparison between the cold-hard stone of the father’s tombstone and the warm, soft flesh of the mom’s ass is about as good of a contrast that I’ve ever come up with.


=7) Dance With the Devil

Votes: 14 Percent: 17%

I’m just going to be honest and say it right here. This was my favorite story of the year, and one my favorites of everything I've ever written. I’ve read it multiple times since finishing it, something that’s rare for me to do, and I always notice something new about it when I do. Some of the best prose I’ve ever written is here, as is some of my best characterization. You could see me grappling with some of the themes I’ve written into two of the previous Halloween specials (The Shape and Candy Apples) finally coming to full fruition here. Primeval spirits coexist here with sleepy suburban sprawl. The mom’s wandering and restless toes dig at the dirt she propels herself whimsically over, drudging up the ghosts of the American northwest. The mom as prone for adventure as the earliest settlers. Her doom enters the picture as a faceless evil. In The Shape, this evil was revealed to be the son himself, implicating us as readers in his actions. In Candy Apples the evil is never unmasked, evoking the thought that evil as a spirit could work its way through anyone, anywhere, at any time. In this story, the unmasking was the best of all. When the faceless evil turns out to be a loser, once-a-year rapist who lives with his mother, you’re left with a question. Was what the mom reaps in the end really the result of energies beyond comprehension that she was pushing her sweet-scented shoulder up against, or was it just a secular fluke? And the most important question of all: Does it really matter? We all know that the mom deserves it whether we have an excuse for why she does or not.


6) Friend Like Me

Votes: 18 Percent: 21%

The opening line to this one was a doozy, but I knew that I had to do it. The familiar iconography of a Disney classic parades about the surface of this story, just barely hiding the real world underneath it all, which is expanding and ready to burst like the mom’s bust from out her Princess Jasmine bra. Not only are the characters escaping from out their world into a cartoon, but they’re escaping from their boring American lives into the sands of Arabia, none of which actually make an appearance in their party hall. Their lives are entirely American, middle-class, modern and real. And the story rides the wave of that cruel logic until it crashes upon that expectant beach. The nostalgia of a youth that was much more innocent can’t distract us from what it is we really want to see as adults. And the triumph of this story is in it catching that.


5) The Naughty List (Santa’s Little Helper)

Votes: 19 Percent: 23% I could have named this one The Christmas Special 3, but it wouldn’t work that way. Those stories, two of my best in my opinion, both march to the beat of their own unique drum, while this one was more of a standard affair, but it moves over slushy tile, and underneath the looming destiny of mistletoe which hangs over the mom like the sword of Damocles. Even still, this one is pretty excellent. Writing with a young protagonist is always a tradeoff. There are certain things I can’t do with stories like that, for obvious reasons, but those stories always benefits by turning their protagonist into a witless observer over events he doesn’t understand nor has he any control over. Any control he does have is guided by the minds of others. Often times those stories are built off of a lie, or lack of understanding when it comes to the world of big people, that works as the ironic catalyst to the events that come, exposing them for what they are. In this one, the central lie is that Santa Claus is real. While the mom thinks that this lie is nothing but innocent fun, what it really translates to in the end is her own undoing. Her constant fear over the man standing off in the distance is the fear of her own demons manifest. In the end, a Christmas miracle is achieved. But it being achieved in spite of what the mom would want is this fetish at its core. A perfect way to end my 2020 run and to look forward for what is coming next.


4) Strap In

Votes: 20 Percent: 24%

At this point we’re getting to some of the best stories I’ve ever written. This is definitely one of them. It’s lightness of touch in every regard except for subject matter is what seems to make it work so well. I say “seems” because I still don’t know the flavor of the gum that keeps this whole thing sticking together so well. Much like the previous story on the list, this one is also filtered through the innocence of the young, The similarities between the scene in the garden and the opening of Alice in Wonderland were probably unintentional, though completely welcome. Much like the other stories this year which were also about loss, this one stresses the before and after of it all, with the moment of loss manifesting itself within a split second, the absurdity of which is made visual in the opening scene. The absence of the father can be felt, leaving behind the hopeless young, the clumsy elderly, and the vulnerable feminine, all to try, and fail, to fulfill that role as a unit. In the end, all that’s left is the infinite mockery of the mom backing her bottom up into that strange hungry pelvis, believing in her chemically induced mind that it’s her husband’s. The son’s cosmically ironic assurance to his mother that “it’s going to be okay. It was only a bad dream,” is the sweetest cherry to place on top of what was already a delicious sundae.


3) Oil and Water

Votes: 22 Percent: 26%

First off, this stories first half is already arguably my best voyeur story on its own. But once you get to its end, you’re only halfway through, still a virgin to what the rest of the story has to offer. What comes next is a circling of Slavic vultures around an ass that had already been conquered once. The story is split into three parts. Water representing purity. Oil representing the irrevocably dirtied. And Oil and Water representing the meeting of the two. The story ends on a sweet note, with the good guy getting the girl, something that’s rare in my stories. But in this case, the good ending is earned. The story exorcises its demons in the garage, leaving a blank slate, free from all obligation except to the characters themselves. In the end, the mom is violated and exposed, and the man who obsesses over her is cucked, but they find each other in the end because of it, making this one of my most wholesome stories, without sacrificing any its potential edge, of which there is much. But luckily, it all washes away in the end.


2) Cruel World (Hang On)

Votes: 25 Percent: 30%

I had no idea just how loved this one was until I opened up the voting. And to be honest, I didn’t really think much of this story after finishing it. In many ways, I still don’t. But in rereading it in preparation for writing about it, it hit me. There is a desperation felt by the characters in the story, starting with the brother character, but also in the bully himself. The longing and the disappointment, which relentlessly stalks them, both tortured by the specter of ass, but for different reasons. The mom is the only happy main character, though her ass is the source of all the unfulfilled want and humiliation of everyone involved. Yet still, in this story, there is hope. For the bully, it’s the mom coming nicely into his lap after learning to not expect it for so long. For the brother, it’s the final acceptance of who he is and who he was running away from. The ultimate message of this story is an important one. The son’s actions in the end save everyone. The message of the story is in the title itself. Life can be hard sometimes, especially in 2020, but as long as we have the magic of this fetish, everything is going to be alright.


1)Trading Places

Votes: 30 Percent: 36%

I am as unsurprised as I am please to see this one so far ahead of all the others. Like I said, Dance with the Devil was my favorite of the year, but this was a close second. This entire story was a balancing act to write. It had to be offensive without feeling unnecessary. It had to be socially aware without feeling preachy. It had to be harsh without being ugly. It had to matter while still being hot. A beautiful white woman being blacked is always going to be a thrill, but given the events of the last summer, with all their ups and downs, it was the perfect time to milk that orgasm for all it had. The story felt cathartic to write. The fate of the mom feeling just. The story doesn’t pull any punches by making her the bad guy in order to soften the blow. It’s not her character she’s being punished for. That would be a copout. Just like it would be a copout to make the attack on their car completely unprovoked rather than the result of a misunderstanding. Just like it would be a copout to make both cops into mustache-twirling villains instead of terrified and cynical opportunists. Any concern of anybody interested in this issue from any side of looking at it is represented in some way here. Not because I was trying to throw anyone a bone, but because that genuinely did make for the best version of the story possible. The domination of the white body at the end by those black bodies is genuinely beautiful. And why let up there? The quota at the end with the cops is delicious and it gives the title of its story extra weight. This was a story about the shoe being on the other foot, and seeing the overwhelmingly positive reaction it has gotten from white readers of my blog, I just hope my fans who aren't white are taking note. This truly is what white men want deep down. Welcome to the darkest parts of our minds.


Okay, so the year is done, as is this list. It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to pumping out more stories for you guys in 2021. So far, with the first story, we're off to a good start. Unlike other years, I have a list this time about story concepts that I want to complete. Some of these ideas are ones I've had for years. Spanked was, and since that one worked out so well, I figured I'd stick to fleshing out more vague outlines, rather than primarily writing stories from scratch like I have been doing 80% of the time. So look forward to that. I should have two coming out sooner rather than later.

And before I go, I'll leave you with my own personal list of what I think my greatest stories in 2020 were:

1) Dance With the Devil

2) Trading Places

3) Strap In

4) Oil and Water

5) Piece of Ass Vs. Peace of Mind

6) But a Cog in His Empire

7) The Naughty List (Santa's Little Helper)

8) The Idiot Box

9) Pale Horse

10) Heaven on Earth

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Mar 09, 2021

Well said


Mar 02, 2021

Great year in terms of stories.

So much for the people claiming that you lost your way ...

Mar 03, 2021
Replying to

Thanks so much man. Yeah, I think the people claiming I lost my way are people just bitter that I'm not writing what they want me to write. In terms of quality, I feel like this year has been strong.

I'm not as troubled now as I was a few months ago about it because I've just realized that regardless of what particular version of this fetish one subscribes to, anybody who can't see the merit in a story like Trading Places or Spanked isn't worth catering to. You can dislike my version of the fetish and still see that it has merit, that many others enjoy it, and that I'm really good at what I do even if it…

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