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New Story has been sent to Patreon and Subscribestar Supporters

Getting stories a few days earlier than they're posted to my site will be a consistent feature of being a supporter of mine from now. If you're not a paid supporter, this story will be posted on the site within a few days.

Also, I have a novella I'll be releasing in parts. It will be a science-fiction/fantasy epic, with mom/bully themes of course. If you're at all a fan of things like Star Wars or Dune, and you like grandiose power fantasies with unlikely main characters who rise to the occasion (with unfortunate consequences for their moms as a result) you'll like this.

If you're a paid supporter of any tier, this will be sent to you in the coming months, with the first and second chapters coming out soon (each chapter is between 2,000 to 10,000 words long).

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Hope the novella will also be posted on this site.. Albeit with a delay..

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