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Best Stories of 2023 Poll (Vote for 3)

Seven moms this year got absolutely owned over eight stories, and I’m interested, as I am every year, to see which of these tales you guys enjoyed most. But on top of this, I want to expand this exercise a little further by turning this into a bit of an award show. So instead of just voting for your three favorite stories this year, you can also vote for more specific things on the side, like your favorite mom, or for the story you thought had the best sex scene. Not only does this make your voices more articulate, and therefore easier for me to understand and respond to with my future writings, but it also means that stories which had great elements, but which didn’t fully come together for you as a whole, can still be acknowledged for their bright spots.

As usual, I welcome all votes. You do not have to have read every story this year to vote, nor do you have to vote for 3 stories if you can’t. Also, feel free to only vote for categories you want to vote for. The purpose of all this extra content is fun, so don’t feel pressured to participate if you don’t have an opinion on a certain category.

But without further ado, we’ll start with the poll for Best Story:

As for other awards.

First of all, we'll have the awards for best characters. For these, the idea is that you vote for which character of each type was your favorite. You can determine this for yourself any way you like. As an example, you can like a bully for how cruel they are, or how interesting they are, or because of their relationship to the mom character. You can vote for a mom based on how hot she was, how innocent, how unique, or how unlikable. That's up for you to decide using any rubric which makes sense to you.

The second round of awards will be for the technical aspects of the story. That is: those individual elements which help to build the story from nothing. Again, you vote on these based on your own taste and preferences.

Best Sex Scene(s):

Best Voyeur Scene(s):

The final round of awards are more broad, and have to do with how the story made you feel. This one is especially important, because it has to do with the effect the story has on you as a reader. For me as a writer, that's important knowledge to have on hand. So I thank you in advance for helping me by voting.

Which Mom Deserved it the Most:

Best Use of the Mom's Body:

Most Humiliating Story:

Most Uplifting Story:

So please vote when you have the chance. I'll probably keep the poll up for a month, so you have time if you're planning no rereading some of your favorites to make a decision. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below. I'm really excited to see your answers this year, and I'm also excited to post a new original story in the next few days (It's already finished, so it will be posted soon).

2023 was a fun year of writing and interacting with you all, and I'm excited to see how you guys felt about it yourselves.

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