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Pride Takes a Pounding (Written by Pearls And Diamonds)

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

bluvelvet99: The story you are about to read has not been written by me. It's been written by a young writer who I have taken under my wing. Given the nature of this story, I'm sure nobody will mind, as it contains many of the elements that you'd notice in my work. I personally enjoyed the story quite a bit, which is why I'm posting it here, and may even post his future content if I enjoy that too.

If you enjoy this story as much as I did, make sure to check out Pearl's blog, linked here, as well as his reddit here. If you really enjoy it, feel free to message him and encourage him to write more. I've already done that, but I'm sure some extra voices will only do more to encourage him further. We can never have too much content in this genre. And if you enjoy my style of story, having Pearl Jam here to post something new every once in a while should be more than enough to satiate you in the periods between my posts. I'll have a post up within the next week myself. But until then, enjoy jerking off to this delightful little romp.

Your mom was one of the best lawyers in the city. She took great pride in it, and so did you and your whole family. To her parents, your grandpa and grandma she was the best daughter, their pride and honour. But to your grandpa especially, because she has only ever given her ass to one man, and one man only, your dad. Your mom was your dad's pride, and prize. Infact a great prize, a prize that he enjoyed all his life. And pride because no other man could have that prize, and he enjoyed that prize with pride. Infact with great pride, until he died. Your mom was your brother's pride, whenever he would bring one of his new girlfriends home, he knew they would instantly like her. And also know that she's far more intelligent than them, or even their own mom's already putting him in a dominant role in his relationship with them.

Your mom was your pride. Not just because she was a great lawyer, and she was great. But also because of her ass. Ever since you were little, you watched men leer at your mom's ass, as it jiggled inside the fabric of her jeans, or whatever fabric of the pants that she was wearing. You found it strange, at first. But then you had a coming of age, and a change in hormones. And found out what it was, your mom's ass was one of a kind. You took great pride in it. Almost outweighing everyone's pride in your family towards your mom, just like the heavy mass of her massive cheeks.

You loved going out with your mom as a kid, and even more now especially as an adult. The fatness of her ass was like a magnet, pulling people's heads and forcing them to look at it, and her ass didn't give a hint as to who she was or what she did for a living, other then the fact that she was walking with someone, probably her son and herself very well dressed. And in one of those walks with your mom, was the first time that you saw a man, looking at your mom's cheeks, like everyone did. But this time, something was different, he had a look on his face of determination, to God knows whatever it was for that he was doing.

Then it hit you in the face, like that time when you were a kid and almost ran into your mom's ass. He was following you guys. And from what you were observing, he was doing a very good job. One minute you would see him and the next he was gone, and then again a few minutes later he would emerge. This went on for quite a while, till you didn't see him again. After that you and your mom went into a Italian restaurant, one that you have been visiting since you were a kid, and ordered the same thing the both of you liked. A margherita pizza new york style.

Back at home, with the taste of the pizza still in your mouth, all you could think of was the strange man. Something about him felt really different. Like it was meant to be, but what was meant to be still hadn't happen, and it was very strange. You kept playing games on your playstation as a means of distraction, but you knew you could never forget him. His face, his look of determination. And it was true, because the next week when you saw him on a Sunday just like the week before, you recognized him in a second. He was doing what he was doing on that day, disappearing and reemerging out of nowhere, leering at your mom's cheeks, as she walked care free, occassionally looking behind to check on her son that's walking behind her.

For you and your mom, it had become a routine, or more like a mommy and son ritual, of coming to this Italian restaurant every sunday, if possible. And ordering the same thing. A margherita pizza new york style. It had become more frequent coming to this restaurant since your dad's death. At first your brother use to come too, but it would remind him of your dad's absence, so he stopped and distracted himself with his girlfriends.

You could still see him, doing his thing. But you stopped looking, so as to not spook him and scare him off, not that you could but still. His eyes were the same as the week before, full of determination, and were glued to your mom's ass cheeks, as it swayed left and right in her jeans, heading in all the same directions as the week before, he noticed it. Before entering the restaurant's entrance, you checked once more to see if he was there. He was and then not. Just like that he was gone. One minute he was there, like an angel when people are in need, and the other he was gone, like a demon after doing satan's dirty deed. Your mom rested her cheeks on the seat across yours, and without even looking at the menu called for the waiter, and ordered. A margherita pizza new york style.

Back at home, it was the same feeling as the week before. The taste of pizza in your mouth, and that strange man was the only thing you could think about. You did everything you could to forget him, and kept playing games on playstation. As you did, you thought about what his cock would look like in between your mom's cheeks, and also how he would feel, having been surrounded by two massive mass of flesh around his dick. That was it for your games, you whipped your cock out, and started jerking off to thoughts of him fucking her. He wasn't a demon, he was an archangel, sent from heaven's above to fuck your mom. You always knew since you were a kid there was something special about your mom. The way men stared at her, and turned their heads everytime she passed by them. She was your family's pride, and she was great at what she did, because she had god's grace, and now you knew she was his to fuck, that ass was a gift for him from God. And your dad had dishonoured it, and had paid the price with death.

Next week you didn't see him, you kept looking around for a glimpse, you kept moving your head around like a paranoid mob boss walking the streets of New York, looking out for a hit. But nothing, you didn't see him, you and your mom went in all the same directions as the week before, and the week before that, and still nothing. You didn't see him, and you reached the restaurant with no sight of him. As you were entering the restaurant's entrance, with your mom infront of you, in her blue jeans. Through the dark color grading of the glass in the door, you saw someone looking at her from a distance. You turned your head around in a foolish sense of hope that you would see him. But still nothing. Your mom rested her cheeks on the seat across from yours, and without even looking at the menu called for the waiter, and ordered. A margherita pizza new york style.

You and your mom waited, a good ten to fifteen minutes. And finally the pizza arrived. As the both of you ate, you couldn't help but look at your mom's mouth open wide for a big bite, the crust with the sauce made out of secret ingredient of the restaurant with cheese on top, going into her mouth and down her throat, with a little added help from her coke. You almost forgot to eat yours, but you continued, by taking a slice and biting off a half of it, and with a little help from a coke of your own, you gulped it down with ease. People looked at your mom differently when she ate, as a kid you didn't understand it, but now as an adult, you know they just wanted their cocks to be in her mouth instead of whatever it was she was eating.


The both of you almost finished eating, actually you were. There was one more slice left in her plate. You asked if you could have it. She like always, said.

-Sure dear, take it.

-Thanks mom, You said. Mom, can I have that coke too, mine's finished.

-Yeah, go ahead. I'm going to head to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute.

She got off the seat, and you watched her head towards the bathroom, pulling every guys head in the vicinity, towards her cheeks. Before you could even put the slice in your mouth and eat, you felt being pushed inside your own seat, and felt a metal object thrust in your rib. The guy was wearing a grey hoodie. You recognized him in a second. It was him. The gun was skillfully hidden in his sleeve, nobody who wouldn't be paying attention would notice it. Your mom carefree, walked inside the bathroom. Everyone's, atleast all the males, eyes were drawn to her cheeks. Without saying anything, he dropped a pill in her drink. He looked towards you and said.

-Don't leave, untill she has finished it. Elsewise, you would be seeing what the inside of her brains look like.

He snatched the pizza slice off your hand, and sat at the next table, right across from yours. He ate the slice before you could even grasp the reality, of what was happening, or what was about to happen. This is it. The moment you've been waiting. It was really actually about to happen.

You waited anxiously, but eagerly, for your mom to return from the bathroom. You kept looking over at the door, and everytime the knob would turn, you'd squirm a little, and find out it was somebody else. And just like that, it sure was somebody else. And then you saw her, come right behind them. Your cock got hard in your pants. He squirmed a little in his seat. The thing an archangel has to do nowadays, to get what's rightfully his. She sat her cheeks down on the seat, pushing the fabric of her jeans, with the fat mass of her ass as it spread.

-Oh, you didn't finish the coke?, Your mom said.

-No mom it's okay, you can have it.

-thanks, I was thirsty.

You watch, as she gulps the drink down her throat. And called for the waiter, and paid the bill. No one can now stop your mom, from getting dick down, by an archangel. You hope.

-Ready to leave, Your mom asked.

-yeah mom, in a bit. I want to sit and rest for awhile, before walking again.

She said okay. And continued drinking, her eyes started to get a little dizzy already. Just a few more minutes mommy.


She looked towards you, and became quiet. She looked around a bit, her mannerisms a little quaint, and all over the place. She puts her arms on the table, and rests her head in between them. Oh yeah, it's happening. Just then, you saw the guy swing to his feet, and rush to your table.

-She's out of it, He said to you. Carry her to the taxi outside, and don't look suspicious. Or I'll blow her brains out.

If only he knew, you were on his team, rooting for him to win. He was your hero, the hero your dad, even if he was alive, could've never been. You approach her, and call her, To make it look not so suspicious to the bystander and patron of the restaurant. You call her again, this time tapping her shoulder. Still nothing. You take a hold of her arm, and put it around you. And grab her from the back down her waist, and swing her to her feet. And started walking. The waiter came running your way, as he knew you and your mom since a long time.

-What happen?, He said.

-Oh, it's alright. she took her sleeping pill, instead of her excedrin for her migraine. She's just a bit sleepy that's it.

He tried to say something. But you didn't pay attention, and kept walking. You opened the door, with your mom around your shoulder. Drawing every males attention in the vicinity, to her unconscious cheeks. Everything was a gust of her blue jeans, in their eyes, as she got dragged out of their sight. You felt your mom's weight on your body, most of which is coming from a centrifugal point above her thighs. Her massive ass cheeks. You see him, waiting inside the taxi, in the driver seat. Without hesitation, you pulled the door open, and ushered your mom in, without making anything look suspicious, just as he said. And just as quickly settled yourself in as well, and that's when he said.

-Where do you guys live?.

You told him the address.

-Anybody going to be home?.

You told him no, and it was true. Your brother was out with his girlfriend and he wouldn't return until 11:00 Pm. He said good, and with one hand put the keys in the ignition, and started the taxi. Your heart started pacing, faster then it ever did riding in a vehicle. Just sucking in the air, was fuel to your cock, you really wanted him to fuck your mom. But more than that, you wanted him to get away with it as well. You didn't care that your family's pride was at stake, you wanted him to have it. And he was going to take it anyways, regardless of what you wanted. And pride was going to be taken out of her pants and pounded into oblivion, and you'd get to witness it, not your brother, but you. Because you were her favourite. And it was perfect, the timing, the plan. Her husband dead, and one of her son's out with his girlfriend. And the one who she's most close to, understands the true potential she carries within her denims.

Her ass was ripe for the picking and her pants ready to be taken off of it. Her cheeks rested within it's fabric, Unaware of the fate, that has dawned upon it. Slowly but surely, dragging it towards it's destiny, of it's long awaiting punishment. Almost as if god himself has waited for this moment since a very long time, if not since the beginning of time itself. The denim on her cheeks, made it distinguishable to peering eyes as to what her ass looked like, it drove men wild leering at it. And just like that, the wait was nearing it's end.

-Alright, now where?, He said.

-take the left turn, then keep going for awhile, You responded.

The veins of your cock were pumping in your pants. The only way you'd know if this was real, was when your heart stopped pounding outside of your chest, and your cock free of your pants, and in your hands while you jerked off, watching the archangel fuck your mom's ass.

-Which house?, He asked.

-The second one, on the right.

He stopped, right infront of your house and looked around. No nosey neighbors, no oncoming cars. He told you to get out, and take her as well, he got out next after you and your mom. He took her off your shoulder, and told you to open the door, you did as you were told. He walked in, passing you, as you held the door open, you closed it right away and locked it.

-Where's your parents bedroom?.

-This way, you said and lead the way for the man, who has now heaved your mom over his shoulder, and smacked her butt when he started walking.

He basked in this glorious moment, of walking with a woman, a mother on top of that. Heaved over his shoulder, to her own bedroom, amongst family photos that hung on the walls, of the house of the family, who's most protected member's pride he was about to take and pound. Their pride, their honour all which was about to drop like a hooker's panties to the ground, with the frequency of his pelvic thrust.

He dropped her face first onto the bed, and assualted her clothes right away, and left her butt ass naked, on top of the blue velvet bedsheet. All of a sudden, a car came to a hault just outside, he reached into his pocket, for his gun. It wasn't there. He left it in the car.

-Fucking shit, He said.

Your mom's ass is so great, it made an archangel make a mistake.

-there's a gun in the wardrobe over there.

He looked at you with a confused face.

-Search the wardrobe, there's a baretta 9mm in there, You said.

He did not believe your words, at first. But something in him did, he searched the wardrope, and it was there.

Your brother got out of the car and looked at the taxi parked infront of the house, he found it strange but he thought these dumb morons nowadays just park anywhere. And he was getting late, he needed to pick his stuff and get going. He unlocked the door and got in, then headed towards his room. Unbeknownst to him, his mom was laying naked and unconscious on her bed, with her cheeks out in the open and a strange man with her in the room, pointing his own parents gun at the door waiting for their son to come in. And with no one home at this hour in the neighborhood, there won't be much trouble from the nieghbors even if he used it, although it was sunday most of the people were on vacation, except the ones next door, the McCallums, but they were out for a family lunch in some fancy restaurant and won't be back until late in the evening, except for their young son who never really went out much, he'd probably be home but it wasn't a problem because he'd probably be playing video games with his headset on, or watching porn. He would've loved to fuck Mrs. McCallum as well. But no.. your mom's ass was much better then hers.

The both of you heard footsteps just outside the door, he got ready to pull the trigger. Your mom was about to mumble in her little adventure, you caught it in your peripheral. You went near her as quietly as possible and held her mouth closed, obviously you didn't wanted your brother to get shot or worse, him not getting to fuck your mom's ass. After about few minutes the both of you heard the main door close, and your brother rush to his car, and then the start of an engine, and then he was gone.

He turned around and looked at your mom's ass. She was now all his.

He got out of his clothes, and then you saw, his cock. The biggest cock you've ever seen, not even in porn you have seen a cock this big. It could put a big black cock to shame. It was the biggest cock ever to be naked in this room, let alone the whole house. It was after all, a cock of an archangel. No amount of colombian chainsaw murder videos, could've prepared you for what you were about to witness next. He got on the bed, and mounted your mom, and smacked her ass, his cock was poking her butt, he grabbed a hold of it. It's about time pride takes a pounding.

You let go of your pants, and start jerking off.

-Fuck My Mom's Ass!.

He looks towards you, and smiles.

Maybe she had taken a client who was actually in the wrong, maybe it was that. No, it was pride. And now it was time for some punishment.

-I knew you wanted this. Just as much as I did, He said. Perhaps only in different ways. I wanted to fuck it. You wanted to watch it get fucked. He smacked her ass, as he said he wanted to fuck it.

-Yes, You said.

-Anything else you'd like to watch me do to her.

-make her lick your ass, and piss on her face on the bed.


-And once you're finished, tie my hands and feet in a rope and gag my mouth with her panties. I want her to know what happened. And don't worry I won't tell the authorities about your description, aside from a detailed image of what had happen, and what a man did to her.

He smirked and continued on, pounding your mom. Pride was nothing, compared to what life had to offer.

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