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Candy Machine-Gun (Written by The Dark Night Rapist)

Another story by a writer with similar themes and motifs to my own. As you can tell by his name, he's drawn to what's dark and unfair, so if you like that kind of stuff as much as I do, consider visiting his site where he posts more content just like it:

Or check out his twitter account where he posts about similar things:

Your mom sat there spooning the sugar in her coffee mug, looking at her phone reading her co-workers messages, her blonde hair bathing in the glassing sun. A waitress walked by, passing a smile in feminine commaraderie, to which your mom met with equal sincerity. Your eyes dropped to right above her knees. A sudden halt, and a swift turn to the left, made her skirt flew a well few inches above her thighs, exposing her voluptuous curves, and smooth skin. It did wonders south of your belt. You also realized you had to piss.

You excused yourself, and head towards the bathroom. Your mom looked up, confused as to what you were doing, before getting the idea of where you were headed. You didn't even remember for how long you held it in. When you got to the diner, you saw her attending a table, a family of four, probably on vacation. You saw her pink outfit, and her butt cheeks wrapped by the cloth like a present.

You entered the bathroom and it's manly aroma seeped into your nostrils. You got inside one of the stalls, and locked the door. You unloaded a storm of soda cans into the toilet from your bladder, hitting the water making loud splashing noises and dirty yellow bubbles. You wouldn't be so brazen, as you were in a public bathroom, but the whole thing was empty so you did your thing in peace like you do back at home. When you were done, you hit the flush. You were about to head back out when you heard the door swing open, accompanying two voices. Their conversation made you stop in your tracks.

"Man, you saw that hot blonde piece of ass out there."

"Yeah, man." To your recollection. The only "Hot Blonde Piece Of Ass", out there in the diner, was your mom. "I'd love to fuck her, and smack her ass red."

You couldn't believe it. Were some random strangers, really talking about fucking your mom. No, it had to somebody else. You thought.

"Man I just wanna rip that white top off, and get her out of those blue jeans and fuck her right in her pussy."

IT IS HER! These guys were really talking about your mom. It was strange, but, surprisingly not completely absurd as to not make sense. After all, you were thinking about that waitress, it's only natural some guy would look at your mom, and think of her as nothing more than just some piece of ass.

"Man, that ass needs a pounding."

"I'd love to pump her ass with 8 inches of this cock." He said, as his piss hit the urinal.

You felt a jolt smite your crotch, and a rush of blood like you've never felt before. Your mom sitting out in the diner had no idea about the extent of her lower backs prowess, or the kind of mischief it encouraged. You wished these were the kind of men she had to deal with on a regular basis.

When they left, you slipped out carefully and washed your hands and went out the washroom and looked around the diner for two men who fit the voices you heard from behind the stall. It wasn't successful, none of the patrons quite fit the bill. You saw your mom smile at you across the room, you went to the table, and sat back down on your spot now lukewarm. Your mom pulled an object out of her bag. It was shaped like a gun, and had a big round cube on it's back, filled with candies of various flavours.

"It's a candy machine gun.", She said. "Remember I told you, your aunt and I used to play with these when we were young."

"Yeah. So, that's what it looks like."

"Yep, I found one at the store. I was quite good at aiming with these. I had a nickname, Ms. Candy Machine Gun, like machine gun kelly.", She said, beaming with happiness.

"How does it work?"

"Well, you just aim and..", She pulled on the trigger, hitting you with a candy.

"Hey!, Not cool.. wait, it's real candy?".

"Yes, dummy what do you think. Go on, eat it. You already ate it, haha.", She said, her face looked as though she was re-living a precious childhood memory.

You picked it up from your lap and put it in your mouth. The red coated surface, on the inside tasted of chocolate. You liked it.

"It actually tastes good."

She pulled on the trigger hitting you with another.

"Have one more then.", She laughed, as you got socked on the forehead with her candy machine gun.

"Mom.", You Scoffed.

"Sorry.", She said. Giggling as she did.

You looked out the window into the parking lot. You put the candy in your mouth and chewed. You liked the taste of the chocolate. You saw a van pull into the parking lot of the diner. It parked nearby your mom's car, just down east by a few rows. Out came two black men wearing jackets. In summer? You thought. They made their way through the lot into the diner, their faces covered with masks. Not very suspicious, considering almost everyone nowadays had one. They wore glasses and hats as well, if they were to commit an offence, odds were they'd less likely to be identified by a witness, it was an amusing thought.

You looked away and turned towards your mom. Her smile still on her face, looking at her candy machine gun. She pulled on the curved plastic, and shot one candy into her hand. She caught it with her palm, and put it into her mouth. She liked chocolate as well.

The two men, sat in a table near by the counter. Your favourite waitress attended to them.

"Hey, what you guys gonna have.", She asked.

"Just give us a few minutes to decide."

"Sure, just call me when you're ready to order."

"Sure thing, babe." He said, as he watched her walk away. He turned to his partner. "Man, that there's a phat ass white girl right there."

He saw his partner looking off to the side, checking the premises. He caught an image out the corner of his eye, which best described would be to just call it every man's dream. Your mom. Her butt cheeks, firmly pressed into her seat, her thighs spreading stretching the denim fabric to it's limits, and gave good detail and a decent idea of her ass, which made his previous statement, about the waitress seem almost feeble in comparison. He shaked his head, attempting to regain focus on what he was doing, only to fail miserably. Still he tended to the task at hand as best as he could.

"Ayo dawg!, Wake up nigga.", His friend scoffed.

"What?", He shrugged.

"Man, I'm callin' you and you starin' off to the side, like a janky son of a bitch. Bitch."

"I was thinkin' my nigga, a'ight."

"Stop the thinkin' my nigg. You gon get us both killed wit yo thinkin', homie."

"A'ight. Fuck mo'fucka goddamn, we bouta' do this or what nigga. You ready?"

"Nigga that's what I was askin..., Yeah. I'm ready, nigga." He said, exhausted with his friends incompetence.

He reached into his waist. The metal of the .45 pistol braced against his skin, he grabbed it firmly and waited for his partner to gear up. He saw his friend pull down the chains of his jacket, and saw his hands disappear into them. He slightly made visible the metal of the uzi, signaling he was ready. They both subtly nodded at eachother. Both men jumped to their feet. The one with the pistol, pointed the gun at the lady on the counter, a latina woman with a spanish accent. She saw him pointing it towards her and screamed drawing everyones attention.

You and your mom, looked over at the commotion, and realized you two were in a situation, the two of you couldn've never imagined.

The one with the uzi, waved it around and shot a few rounds at the ceiling. Your mom startled, although shocked beyond words, her first instinct kicked in, and she was on her feet reaching over the table to ensure your safety. And with her hands covered your head and body.

"EMPTY THE REGISTER, NOW!!", The guy with the pistol, screamed at the lady.

"Please! Don't shoot!!", She pleaded.

"DON'T MAKE ME, BITCH!!", He scoffed.

You could see your mom, contemplating thousand scenerios, through her dilated pupils. Her face stuck in between aberration, you looked past her and saw a curve. Her ass stood out, stuck in mid air, a comic relief for the patrons sitting behind her.


"I don't know what you're talkin abo..."

He hit her with the butt of the pistol, she looked dazed from the force.

"DON'T PISS ME OFF!!", He shouted.

The gunman with the uzi, saw your mom holding you bent over the table, as his partner threatened the already scared to death woman behind him. He focused on your mom's curves, her ass served as motivation and added to his adrenaline rush. In a very comical sense, a light bulb appeared and popped right beside his head. In that moment, he went into trance with all the possibilities he was hit with.

She saw him looking at her, his eyes grazing her behind, like your dad did before he died. She prayed and begged dear lord above to get you and her out of this nightmare unscathed.

"A'ight, nigga we good." His pal said, with a duffle bag full of cash. "Now, let's take the waitress with us for a little ride.", He said, with a mischievous melody in his voice and with just enough volume so the waitress can hear.

She looked over at them, her eyes trembling with fear.

He moved, planting his right foot ahead of his left. Suddenly he began walking towards your mom.

"Where you goi...", He stopped mid sentence. "Damn, nigga. Now, that's a fine piece of ass right there."

The waitress looked over at the guy, and saw where he was going. She immediately knew what he was going for. She felt relieved.

Your mom began praying harder as he made his way towards her. His cock was getting harder in his pants as he got closer. While yours throbbed in your jeans, your mom was going to "eat it" You thought.

"You're comin' with us, bitch."

"Please, no... I'm a mother..."



She looked at you. Tears welling up her eyes, wondering when she'll see you again, if at all. She moved out the table, her ass still in air, he smacked it as soon as it was out the confines of the cubicle. She closed her eyes with humiliation. The waitress's jaw was hanging wide open with what she just witnessed. Did these guys just smacked her ass infront of her own son. The smack was loud, everyone in the diner heard it. The family of four, you saw earlier, were holding their kids in their arms. One of the kids saw your mom get smacked in her ass. He was baffled at the sight of that image, and also afraid that it could've been his mom instead. Your cock has never been so hard in your life.

"MOVE THAT ASS, BITCH.", He scoffed, pushing her forward.

His partner held the door open, and looked out scanning for police officers. They walked out with your mom sandwiched in the middle. One guy Infront and another behind her. The bodies of the parked vehicles, provided cover and concealed the guns from pedestrians. When they reached the van, the front guy got in the driver seat. And the guy behind her got in the passenger side, and made your mom seat in the middle of them.

"Give me your phone, bitch.", He said.

"What...", She asked, confused.

He smacked her face, "Don't make me repeat myself, bitch." He didn't had any idea that your mom couldn't hear properly when she was nervous.

"Please... I..I didn't hear you... I...", He grabbed her face and brought it close to his. "Give. Me. Your. Phone. Bitch.", He ended it by lip locking her mouth and held her face in place. Your mom scared, and disgusted closed her eyes. She opened them again when he groaned in anger. She saw him looking at her with rage filled pupils, she rushed her hand inside her bag and took out her phone, all while her lips were locked with a stranger.

He snatched her phone off her hand and broke the kiss. Your mom repulsed back just with the sheer force of it. "Now, was that so hard, bitch.", He put his hands around her and mauled at her breasts. He opened the window and threw her phone out on the curb. Your mom put her head down in grief, there were lot of pictures of you and your brother growing up in that phone. And also your dad's who passed away last year. All these thoughts ran through her head, as a strangers hand played with her breasts.

The driver put his hand on her thighs, caressing her. He moved his hand up towards her crotch, your mom realized what he was doing and sat up straight. She had a pleading look on her face and eyes. The guy playing with her breasts, loved it. He went in for another kiss. Your mom couldn't bare to have her lips kissed by another man other than your dad. He loved the resistance your mom was putting up, he thrusted his tongue in her, and sucked on her mouth. A tear rolled down her cheek. He saw it and licked it up, then gave it back to her as his spit on her cheek.

It trickled down onto her shirt and locket. The one which your dad gifted to her just before he passed. It was such a peregrination, her tear and his spit mixed together, on top of the locket your dad gifted her. She remembered the last time your dad kissed her, she wanted your dad to be the last man she ever kissed, and wanted to keep it that way for as long as she lived till she was reunited with him. Now, she won't ever be able to do that. She started sobbing. She felt the hand on her crotch unbutton her jeans, next she heard was the zipper being pulled down, and her panties being pulled to the side. His fingers assaulted her pussy. Her eyes went wide with shock. The guy kissing her loved it, he started grunting like an animal.

He pulled away from her mouth. "Give me head, bitch.", He said. She looked at him with shock. "Please. No... don't make me do tha...", He smacked her face and held her by her hair. "GIVE. ME. HEAD. BITCH.", He said.

He forced her head onto his lap, while the driver forced his fingers in her pussy. He scoffed at your mom to unbutton his jeans and take out his cock. She did.

"Now, suck on it.", He ordered, with a smug grin on his face.

She put her mouth on his cock. She felt his hand on the back of her head force her down his shaft, his cock hit all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged, and choked with tears running down her face, mixing with his spit. He'd occasionally pull her up and smack her in the face and force her back down again on his cock. Sometimes he'd smack her face even when her mouth was stuffed with his cock.

They pulled into a driveway of some house in an urban part of town. He pulled your mom's head away from his cock while still holding her by her hair. Her tears and his spit had soaked on her face, she had a cock in her mouth for almost the entirety of the last half hour. He pulled her out of the car, and smacked her ass as soon as she was out the door. He began walking towards the backyard and dragged your mom by her hair while his partner locked the car. He put her up against the wall and fingered her as they waited for his pal to bring the keys to the door. His cock was out of his jeans the whole time since he made your mom take it out from his pants, her lipstick was smeared all across his cock and balls. He couldn't be bothered with to worry about his manly sword being out in the open.

When they got inside he threw her on the couch and jumped on top of her and began kissing her savagely. She grabbed his big black strong arms trying to resist, he got annoyed by that and took a hold of her neck and began choking her out. She hit him out fear, displaying her desperation. He smacked her again, hard this time, and spit on her face. She began crying.

"Oh, I'll give you something to cry about. You fucking white bitch.", He turned her over, and pulled down her jeans and panties. He took her top and her bra off as well. He kicked off his shoes, and pulled down his jeans and underwear, and took off the rest of his clothes in a flash.

He picked her up and forced her head down on the table. The tip of his cock brushed against her ass, he smacked the entire shaft across her cheeks. "Ready to take a pounding, white bitch.", He said. "Please... No...", She sobbed. He grabbed his cock and positioned it right at your mom's pussy hole. He thrusted inside, and began fucking her hard. "NO!... PLEASE, STOP!"

"SHUT UP WHITE BITCH!!", He scoffed. He grabbed her panties, and stuffed them in her mouth and held it shut with his palm, and pounded her ass. He loved her muffled screaming noises, and her tight pussy lips. He grabbed her hips, and forced his cock more deeper.

"Now this sum piece of ass, nigga. Ain't like the ghetto bitches in da hood. This ass got sum class to it." He smacked her ass as he said it. She yelped from the pain and scratched the table. His cock was almost like as if it was eating away at her soul. One bite at a time.

"Nigga, we should had brought this bitch's kid. I bet he'd have loved watching a black dick in his mama's pussy. Right, bitch.", He said. "I said. Right, bitch." He smacked her ass, as if wanting a genuine answer.

"MMMHHHMM...", She grunted. "Yeah, that's right, bitch."

He pulled out his cock and turned her around, and pulled the panties out of her mouth. He smacked her face a few times and kissed her thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth.

He threw her on the sofa next to the table, and smacked her face a few more times just for good measure and spit on her face hitting her eyeball. His cock bathed with her pussy fluid, he grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders, and thrusted his cock back inside her and started pounding away at her pussy.

Your mom's face distorted as she tried getting the guys saliva out of her eye. She looked like a stupid white bitch. He thought. He fucked her in that position for ten straight minutes. Your mom's tears rolled down her cheek, he smacked her face when he saw it and licked away at his fingers. He thrusted his hand in her mouth gagging her, and pulled her jaw down and spit inside her mouth and told her to swallow it. He smacked her face when she did.

He slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt after some more fucking. "Clean it up, you white bitch." He said, standing in Superman pose.

Your mom got on her knees and put the tip of his black in her mouth, and started bopping her head up and down the length of his shaft. She hated it, she hated herself for doing it. She thought about biting his black dick back in the van but, your face kept coming in her mind. She couldn't even bare the thought of not seeing you again. She also hated when the images of your face would come to her, while she had his black dick in her mouth. She couldn't digest it. And the more she tried not to think about it, the more it preoccupied her mind.

She could see your face crystal clear. "Glukk...", he forced your mom's head all the way down his black dick and held her there. She displayed an uncanny resistance, she didn't want to have her mouth on some black dick, while you were on her mind. His friend came from behind and held your mom's hands behind her back. Your mom's nose was pushed against his pelvis, she breathed through her nose and a strong scent of his black dick seeped into her nostrils and as well as the images of you on her mind.

She's never going to be able to disassociate black dick from your face. Everytime she'll look at you it will remind her of this moment and her mouth on a black dick. Her tears flowed down her cheeks and onto his black dick and then into her own mouth, a strange merry go round.

He let go of her head after awhile, and smacked the shit out of her for almost ruining a precious moment for him. He pulled her by the hair to her feet, and dragged her to the flatbed and threw her on it, flat on her stomach.

He smacked her ass with rage, and grinded his teeth. "Hold them cheeks together, white bitch.", He said.

"Mmmm... nigga these white bitches puttin' black women to shame, homie."

Hours later.

"Now that's what I call a good day, nigga. Sum ass, and a nice score.",

"Word, nigga."

"Hey, Don't worry, bitch. We'll let you go, soon as we count this shit a'ight, hoe. But, can't say if we gon' give you yo pants back. I like that ass as it is. Well... Maybe if you suck this dick, I promise to think about it. Maybe just the panties.", He laughed.

"Ayo, nigga... look at this bitch's bag.", His homeboy said. "Ay, look what I found... You planning to kill us with this, bitch."

"Nigga! That's a candy machine gun! I had them when I was a kid, homie. I was real good wit it. They use to call me, Mr. Candy Machine Gun. Like that white nigga, machine gun kelly.", He said. Your mom felt her skin burn with what she heard.

"Hey, bitch. Get down on the floor and spread them cheeks."

"What..." She asked, confused. He looked at her face with eyes filled with rage. He got up and made his way towards her. She crumbled with fear and got down on the floor in face down ass up position, holding her ass cheeks open with her hands with her face mashed against the carpet.

He laughed.

"Now that's like a good white bitch.", He said, and put his foot on her face and rubbed them on her like a door mat, and then spit on her.

He picked the candy machine gun and aimed at your mom's ass from a good distance. "Watch, nigga. This how we do it in the hood.", He aimed and shot one straight into her asshole, and another into her pussy, and then another smacked her ass cheek. Your mom couldn't bare the humiliation.

"Oh, nigga. It's out.", He said. Your mom lifted her face from the now tear soaked carpet.

"Don't get up bitch.", He went near your mom and pushed her head back where it was with his feet, and looked her dead in the eye. "Take the candies out yo ass and mix it with the ones I missed. And, eat it."

"What...", She said. Her eyes went wide with fear and anticipation for a smack across her face. She wrapped her hands around her head.

He brought his face close to hers, and said. "Eat. It."

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