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Bluvelvet99 Best Stories of 2020 poll (Vote for 3)

So it's that time of year again, and I'm excited to see which stories had the biggest effect on you guys. It would be a cliche to bring up how awful 2020 was for most of us, but much of the pain, isolation, anger, and confusion that I was not alone in feeling really did come through in many of my stories in very exciting ways when i look back at them. I want to know which stories spoke to you and what you were all going through. I want to know which stories gave you the sweetest jerk-off sessions and orgasms. Because though we were all chased inside by the horrors of the world outside our doors, we still maintained a connection to each other through all the little moments in these stories, and the mutual orgasms we escaped into, a whimpered through together. And all the while, our mom's were none the wiser. And as powerless as some of us may have felt this year, we can still find strength in beauty of what we are, and what we're fighting for, and the bliss that tethers us, though we're spread across the blue planet separated only by space, but not fetish or cause.

There were 16 stories of moms getting absolutely deep-dicked this year but you can only vote on 3, so only choose your absolute favorites. I will leave the poll up for at least two weeks. In the mean time, I have a few stories in the works. The story names in the link below have images to refresh your memory. Obviously, if you have any trouble remembering any story, and you'd like to refresh your memory, feel free to look through the stories on my main page. I can't wait to see the results guys!

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