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I just opened a subscribestar account

Hey guys!

So, I've decided to try to monetize my efforts and I've opened a subscribestar account for anyone interested in donating money to me.

As far as my regular content goes, I'll still be posting for free on this site, so don't worry if you don't have any money to spare. But for those who do wish to donate, I will be extremely grateful. If I were to earn a dollar for every view on one of my videos, I'd have enough money to quit my dayjob and write full-time. While I don't expect to earn that kind of money anytime soon, I wouldn't mind making at least some money for my efforts.

As of right now, I haven't set up any benefits for those who choose to donate, and I only have one tier set up for $1.50 per month. I will be coming up with benefits and tiers in the future though if I see enough interest in support. Some ideas I'm thinking about are early access to stories (3 days to a week depending on your tier), access to stories and ideas that are unfinished, special polls and activities exclusively for subscribers, including voting on what stories I produce next, and other ideas as I come up with them.

Again, nothing I produce for free currently will end up behind a paywall, so don't fret if you can't donate. I'll still be producing stories and putting them for the public as usual. But if you're interested in supporting me, my link is listed below. Thanks again. And I'll keep you all updated when I come up with tiers and benefits.

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Man . I love you and your works are awesome 💖. Soon I will donate to you Keep up the good work


Thank you so much man! I'm glad you enjoy my stories.

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