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Just started a new twitter account / This website's forum is up for posting.

Thought I'd try some new things for extra reach. First and foremost, I opened a twitter account which can be accessed here:

I'll be posting all types of stuff. Some of it comedic, some informational (Like updates regarding stories and their release), and some of it genuine. It's a good idea to follow it if you want to remain updated on when the next release comes, especially after my subreddit was taken down. I also thought it would be fun to help normalize this fetish to the larger public, and I wouldn't mind it if some of you came along for the ride with your own twitter profiles (just don't put a nude image in the profile picture. That apparently gets your account banned). By replying to my tweets, especially those I make that are linked to larger profiles, you make it known that this fetish exists in more than just the mind of one crazy man. That it's actually legitimate and wide-spread. So I welcome anyone who wants to do that with me. Just be nice as you do it.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that the forum is up for anyone who wants to post there. The link can be found at the top of my page. I'm going to have a no-image rules for right now. The forum is mostly for discussing this fetish, or stories and story ideas. It's also a good way to draw my attention to things. Like i've said before, and which too many people don't realize, is that the messaging system on wix doesn't work out so well. I do not get the large majority of messages sent to me. So if you want to communicate with me, my twitter account, the forum, or my reddit account are the best and only ways. You can also e-mail me at, but I'm slow to respond to those because I only check my e-mails every few days.

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