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Welcome to bluvelvet99
"Bullies Fucked My Mom"

You've just arrived at the lowest, most pathetic, most subversive and most niche part of the internet. I'm bluvelvet. I'm a short story writer. I genuinely want my mom to be fucked by men who bully and demean me and I want you to want that for your mom as well.

If you're already a fan or a co-enjoyer of this fetish, welcome. If you're new to this, strap yourself in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

If you would like to message me, please do so on reddit (u/bluvelvet99) or by e-mailing me at Often times messages sent on this site don't make it through to me, so please feel free to use the two methods I've listed above. I love to chat, and I love to answer questions. So feel free to get into contact with me.

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You fell face first into a pile of leaves, biting into them as the pain finally came, radiating from your testicles.

Trading Places

"Maybe we're too hard on you white folks. If the roles were reversed, and we owned you, I would have did what Thomas Jefferson done."


It's time. Let's make it happen. This is our only chance. Let's not let it pass us by. Get the hashtag trending. We only have one shot.


Your mom was always a bland dresser, which was ironic, because your mom, body and soul, was anything but bland.

Strap In

You liked sleeping in bed with your mom. She smelt like perfume and skin and felt nice like flowers. Dad wouldn’t let you.

The Idiot Box

You were the son of one of those beautiful bodies. And though you loved your mom, your loved her body more.

Print the Legend

Selfish? Perhaps. Romantic? Most definitely. He had loved your mom since he had tender testicles to love with.


You swung on the fan in circle to gain super-speed, then let go and slingshot and hit her ass. Big target and all, hard to miss.

Pale Horse

She’d finally be able to walk from point A to point B through the office without every twitch and jiggle of her butt cheeks being watched.

The Bald Truth

He ordered five shots, and he ignored your mom when she tried to tell him that that was one too many.

Cruel World (Hang On)

You loved your mom's ass the way it was.Your brother only wished he could pull it off her or flatten it with a dough roller.

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