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UPDATE - My fiverr gig was removed. Instructions for new commissions here. - UPDATE

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

First off, if you already purchased a commission, don't worry. Your order will still be fulfilled, most likely on schedule, and it'll still be done through the fiverr website.

But if you'd like a new commission, I'm going to have to set some ground rules before I open up another gig.

So far, fiverr has proven to be the most draconian and arbitrary website I've ever had to deal with. It all functions really well, which is why i want to continue using it, but it's rules are so Byzantine in their structure that my gig was banned for a problem with my title, one which literally could not be articulated to me beyond just telling me that my title wasn't acceptable. On top of that, fiverr goes through all messages, including private DM's, looking for any mention of the words e-mail, instagram, twitter, pay me, etc. This makes communication on the site ridiculous beyond description. Even just telling people that they can't message me there any longer because of these arbitrary rules is dangerous, because giving out my e-mail or twitter account in MY PRIVATE DMs, is not acceptable according to their rules. Telling one person how they can increase their tier after they asked gave me a warning because it's apparently not kosher to mention money on a website where people pay you... money.

My profile there is still fine, and I'll be opening up a new gig in the near future. But for future reference, all information regarding the stories you would like, beyond that which is specifically asked of you from my questions on the fiverr site, has to be sent to my e-mail ( or through private DMs on twitter. Messaging me here won't work (never message me on wix, i don't see any of the messages at all. The site just eats them up) and all images and links that are sent to me CAN NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE SENT TO ME ON THE FIVERR SITE.

I'm not mad there, I just put it in all caps because I can't stress it enough. The site will ban my gig, and possibly my profile at some point, over complete non-sense. THE ONLY COMMUNICATIONS WITH ME ON FIVERR SHOULD BE THE COMMUNICATIONS THAT MY GIG OR I ASK OF YOU DIRECTLY. ANYTHING BEYOND THAT IS TWITTER DM's or E-MAIL EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION. ZERO EXCEPTIONS.

Just make sure you make it clear to me when you message me elsewhere who you are on fiverr if your username is at all different.

Also, if anybody else has a good idea for an anonymous way to work out payment options for buyers outside of the fiverr system, then feel free to inform me. Because not only are their rules ridiculous there, but they're taking 20% out of what I've earned and apparently spending it on things that make my time on the site harder.

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