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Welcome to bluvelvet99
"Bullies Fucked My Mom"

You've just arrived at the lowest, most pathetic, most subversive and most niche part of the internet. I'm bluvelvet. I'm a short story writer. I genuinely want my mom to be fucked by men who bully and demean me and I want you to want that for your mom as well.

If you're already a fan or a co-enjoyer of this fetish, welcome. If you're new to this, strap yourself in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

If you would like to message me, please do so on reddit (u/bluvelvet99) or by e-mailing me at Often times messages sent on this site don't make it through to me, so please feel free to use the two methods I've listed above. I love to chat, and I love to answer questions. So feel free to get into contact with me.

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Spy Vs. Spy

You took a few looks ahead at what your phone was aimed at, in black lulu-lemon leggings, it was a perfect ass.

Duckling (Part 1)

Then your mom felt a warmth. It was on her back. It was very very warm. Like a warm bath. There was a splashing noise.

Anatomy of a Mom

Let's explore the various parts that make up a mom and how it is that they mold the story that they're a part of.

Cheek Fever

Your mom’s ass was like a human Rorschach test. It drove everyone crazy, but everyone crazy in their own little way.

Know Not What They Do

The first time she had met those eyes had been in her very own shower, when she had felt a rough male hand grab her right cheek.

A Bang and a Whimper

Your mom stood there, sticking out like a sore thumb among the much shorter, darker lineup of exclusively men and old women.

Body of Knowledge (Alexandria)

She looked at you through the rims of her glasses. “What?” she said and smiled. “It doesn’t take much. You just put your foot down."

It Came From Beneath

It had been a few weeks since your mom had had a peaceful sleep. Most of her attempts at sleep ended with her waking up in a cold sweat.

King Me

He stood back up and bent the branch from his view again. She was still standing there, wetting her tongue with the cool stream of water.

Horsin' Around

Sebastian blushed as Henry waved the floppy object around. “Sebastian," he called. "Just imagine what your mom does with this."

Wet Between the Cheeks

"I guess that’s what happens when you’re beautiful. Your husband is still absolutely obsessed with you. I could see it in his eyes.."


Your cousin sighed, exasperated. “Your brother has been getting picked on by these guys for years now. He’s always turned the other cheek.

Soft Landing

Your brother nodded with a stoic resolve, knowing what had to be done, whether or not he liked or approved of it.

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