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Welcome to bluvelvet99
"Bullies Fucked My Mom"

You've just arrived at the lowest, most pathetic, most subversive and most niche part of the internet. I'm bluvelvet. I'm a short story writer. I genuinely want my mom to be fucked by men who bully and demean me and I want you to want that for your mom as well.

If you're already a fan or a co-enjoyer of this fetish, welcome. If you're new to this, strap yourself in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

If you would like to message me, please do so on reddit (u/bluvelvet99) or by e-mailing me at Often times messages sent on this site don't make it through to me, so please feel free to use the two methods I've listed above. I love to chat, and I love to answer questions. So feel free to get into contact with me.

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Anatomy of the House

The rooms that make up the house in a story are as important to the plot and themes as the personality traits that make up a mom character.

Bright Red

The indent from your mom’s bottom was still visible on the edge of the bed. As was the indentation from her heel on the shag carpet.

Spirit of the Beehive

Your mom knew better than to embarrass you at work. That’s why she didn’t say hi. Her smile was enough.

Supermasrter is back

Hey guys. I just thought you'd want to know that tumblr writer supermasrter is back to writing again with his own site. If you like the...


Your mom smiled at the sounds of you ripping apart packaging, without entertaining the vulgar visual it implied, only the abstract.


“I take it back, you can’t put out your cigarette.” “Then next time I won’t ask. I won’t ask if I can put it out. And I won’t ask where."

Ass Burgers

As someone who was borderline autistic, you were obsessed with cause and effect. Well, your mom’s ass was the cause.

Friend Like Me

“My mom is asking for it,” you said to yourself in your room. You had just seen her in her Princess Jasmine costume in the living room.

But a Cog in His Empire

My mom's fate I've been duly gifted Her waist is thin. Her ass is great And both caught in my web of fate Or do I have it all but twisted?

Candy Apples

Your face burned red in the cool October air as familiar faces spanked and humped at the air within eyeshot of you.

Oil and Water

Every part of her is here, before me. Every part I wanted, she brought it with her. She brings it with her wherever she goes.

The Pants in the Family

Your mom’s ass, half of it, sat above the blue water. The lower half stood visible in its glassy cool clearness, distorted and magnified.

Heaven on Earth

What was once a trembling mass of wailing limbs would become an orange-lit vibration of gyrating and thrusting hips. And that body. Sinless.

Sunday Morning

Your mom, snug in her pajamas, her big, warm ass and her slippers, not to mention her frost-melting smile, it was just so comforting.

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